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Emperor of Tebtai

Tebtai maintains a group of ten emperors, often referred to simply as "The Tebtai Ten".   They rule Tebtai as an oligarchy of sorts, in which the ruling Emperors choose their own replacements.   Emperors rule until their death, or until the other ten unanimously agree to remove one. The replacement is then voted upon by those that remain. As such, the oligarchy is many systems; a plutocracy, technocracy, stratocracy, and so on, with emperors typically being successes in their own fields; technology, war, economy etc. Most citizens of Tebtai are not fully privy to this internal mechanism that runs the Tebtai Empire.   The Tebtai Ten rarely convene in person, and rather hold meetings using telepathic magic, projecting themselves in to a shared plane of consciousness, requiring a great amount of concentration and energy.

Civic, Political
Alternative Naming
Tebtai Ten

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