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Bamut Shok

Bamut Shok

Bamut is a brave and driven member of the Raha Guard.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bamut is a young, muscular man. He has dark skin, short black hair, and a bushy moustache. Not particularly tall.

Facial Features

Large bushy moustache.

Identifying Characteristics

Huge, ugly scar all the way across his neck.

Physical quirks

Bamut’s eyes have a hint of paranoia and fear in them, unlike his outward confidence and bravery. They are the eyes of an old veteran that has seen much cruelty, and seem out of place on Bamut’s youthful face.

Apparel & Accessories

Bamut wears the armour of the Raha Guard with a few alterations. His outfit features a red chainmail shirt, and plate guards on the shoulders and elbows. There is a small symbol carved in the right shoulder, a small circle with three descending lines (the emblem of Kakoht).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bamut was killed by an assassin during an attempt on the Vizier's life, however, using the power of Kakoht, Priest Acenian resurrected him.   This miraculous resurrection, coupled with the large scar on his neck (which many claim looks like scales) has lead to a popular rumour among citizens of Raha, that Bamut may be the Scaled Soldier.


Bamut works as a soldier for the Raha Guard.

Personality Characteristics


Bamut is driven by a desire to protect civilisation and the traditions of Arnak, believing it to be the highest honour to defend the Vizier’s life. He is stoic in his duty and accepts no praise. He believes Kakoht brought him back to continue to protect the Vizier and Arnak, and humbly rejects the claims that he may be the prophesied Scaled Soldier.

Year of Birth
1479 DR 23 Years old
Current Residence
Short black
Skin Tone
Aligned Organization
Raha Guard
Related Myths

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