Isora's offer of Assistance to Glerigh


The background of this letter is the Second Great Nivagran Host, in which a large host of Nivagran ships and men made landfall on Ethanga. At first not much of a concern to Isora Mezezi, when the Nivagrans' offensive in the south was stopped and they instead moved north, Isora began to worry about where they may head.  


  The circumstances led Isora to write a letter to Glerigh Jason, king of Etha. The content of letter consisted of Isora outlaying the common threat to the both of them and offering to unify their ships under a common leader. She would nominate Xogeq Nape, the admiral who had so vexed her plans in the Northern War, as the leader of this force. Isora also makes reference to the Treaty of Jahamen where she reminds the Ethain king of his obligations to see to the mutual defense of their realms, as well as appeal to him as his "daughter," although in a more political sense.
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