Gilrokta Ethern

The Gilrokta Ethern is an old title dating to its first usages around the turn of the 12th century in Ethernia. It became the primary title of the Queens of The Sedun.


The Gilrokta Ethern must be the monarch of Ethernia.


The Gilrokta Ethern is coronated as (usually) she is coronated as the Wyithit of Ethernia. There will be dignitaries from around Ethernia to applaud and approve the event.


The Gilrokta Ethern was responsible for maintaining the status quo in Legan and otherwise protecting the peace in Ethernia.


The Atelian invasions of Ethernia were both stopped by Ethel Mezezi in her defense of Legan, based on the duties of the Gilrokta Ethern.

Cultural Significance

The title served as a means of spreading Seduni control over Legan, and elsewhere in Ethernia. It was seen by both the Seduni and Legani observers as a way of maintaining peace.   Nowadays, however, some residents of Legan view it as the start of Seduni domination of all of Ethernia.

Notable Holders

Ethel Mezezi , Mexxerra Mezezi, Iokal Mezezi.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
The Title of Gilrokta Ethern was created with the ascension of Ethel Mezezi to the throne of Sedun. She styled herself Gilrokta Ethern in the year 1087.
Source of Authority
The initial claim of the first Gilrokta Ethern was based on the queen's relationship with the Legani states and the general power that Sedun had, enough to enforce a status quo.
Length of Term
Lifetime or until abdication.
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