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  Al-Shirimat is a city located within the Seara desert. It is populated largely by Nassuri and is the most important pilgrimage site to the Miisubite faithful. It has long served as the capital of the region and has financially sustained itself largely from tolls on pilgrims. In the modern day the region has more in the way of a state than it did historically, although pilgrims still bring in a large portion of revenue for the polity.  


Al-Shirimat is the name given to the city as it is known today, although as a traveled to location it is much older than this. Al-Shirimat is built around a great structure which has served as a site of pilgrimage since long before written history. The structure itself is pre-apocalyptic and is said to have legendary characteristics to it. On this basis it merited a sort of religious reverence, which was adopted by the Miisubite religion when it came to be.   The village, and then city, which sprung up around the structure would submit to A'wabalee and his followers when he introduced Miisub to the region. A'wabalee would make Al-Shirimat the capital of his new state and to it he would bring the fruits of any conquests which he made.   Over the centuries, the city has almost always been ruled by a descendent of A'wabalee. Yet there are many such descendants, and the local clans' approval of any given ruler has drastic effects on the stability of the state surrounding Al-Shirimat.


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