Second Clan War

The Second Clan War was nearly a one year war fought between the multiple Phaizarn houses. Far bloodier and destructive than the first, the war began due to rising tensions between House Chunae and House Dragon to the north, as well as House Great Stag and House Basilisk in the central area of the Forbidden Land.   For some historians, they divide the two clan wars up by referring to the Chunae and Dragon conflict as the Northern War and the Stag and Basilisk as the Central.  
Northern Clan War
Allies of Chunae
  • Griffin
  • Phoenix1
Allies of Dragon
  • Wolf
  • Bear
Central Clan War
Allies of Basilisk
  • Multiple Minor Houses
Allies of Great Stag
  • Pegasus
  • Sea-faring Minor Houses
  Most of the Royal Houses had been greatly weakened, House Stag was officially wiped out and House Dragon and House Pegasus was nearing its end. House Phoenix, was economically strong and due to staying out of the conflict, declared themselves neutral and would reap the benefits in the future. The only royal houses who had come out of the war stronger were Basilisk and Griffin.

The Conflict


Tensions between House Chunae and House Dragon were beginning to mount due to territory disputes. Chunae arguing that their territory was suffering due to the Dragons using up all the resources and overhunting. They demanded that the Dragons shift the territory lines to allow Chunae more access to hunting grounds and the Dragons denied. In 67 Divide, Chunae petitioned for more land and it was granted by the council but the Dragons refused to accept it due to the land being given was part of their ancestral land. Clashes between the two begin to start up but nothing large enough to declare war, yet.   While that takes place in the north, House Basilisk and House Great Stag saw to their own issues, though far more one-sided. House Basilisk knew of the powerful artifacts that the Great Stag possessed and after being denied countless times, their patience were running thin.   There is no written evidence that Basilisk and Chunae had discussed going to war beforehand as many claim they weren't allies and neither came to the other's aid during the war. But the coincidence of both Houses striking near the same time is too much to overlook and will forever be a mystery for historians.


In 69 Smoten Chunae forces moved upon an unaware House Dragon. Blindsided by the attack, the royal family was killed and only one son and daughter was able to make it out, the daughter later on dying due to poison. The Dragons had lost their ancestral land.   As for the Central Clan War, no one is quite sure what caused House Basilisk to finally strike but they did so mercilessly with minor houses that they had promised to reward, backing them. Stag's only available allies being House Pegasus, were destroyed. The entire royal branching line was executed and those who survived sought refuge in Pegasus territory, a House who would be negatively effected by the influx.


For a time, Great Stag Territory was a beacon to curious spirits, demons, and ghosts who refused to let go and accept their death.


The war held far more long term effects than short term and many blame the war and the outcome as the fall of the houses entirely. Refugees from the now devastated Great Stag area flocked to their closest ally, House Pegasus for guidance. While House Dragon's numbers began to dwindle due to not being able to support its renaming numbers in such a small, focused area.   House Great Stag was exterminated and due to the royal family not having a Great Stag heir, the Stag Phaizarn was wiped out.   The organization known as Shadow Phoenix grew in popularity due to the number of refugees and people who could easily point to the Houses as the source of their problem.   House Basilisk grew in size, expanding their reach and swallowing minor houses, rivaling the size of House Griffin and proving that they would soon be a problem for the rest of the continent.

Historical Significance


When others speak of the viciousness of Phaizarn, this is one of the first wars brought up in conversation, used to punctuate the point that Phaizarn can't even stand each other and that their bloody wars go back to even the Era of Divide.   Basilisks and Chunae are immediately looked down upon and kept at a distance even in other countries.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
2:69 Smoten
Ending Date
2:70 Celesow
Conflict Result
Basilisk wipes out House Great Stag; Chunae kills Dragon royal family and takes ancestral land


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