The Phearn is an aerial creature that can be throughout most of the Forbidden Land besides the arctic and prairie biomes. It can also be found in the jungles of Pryce. They are mainly trained as messenger birds but are also highly sought after pets. They eat mostly large nuts and fruits but are also known to go after insects. They can be found mainly in trees and burrows, any place that gives protection from both the sun and predators. With this said, they are mainly nocturnal creatures, and their tail feathers will produce a light glow during this time.

Basic Information


An adult male is around 2ft to 2ft 5in in height, while 3ft 5in-3ft 7in in length, and a wingspan that averages around 3ft 9in. An adult female is around half the size of the male. The colorful plumage are only found on the males, while females have more muted and earthly tones to help them better blend in with their environment. The most colorful plumage on females will exist on the tips of the feathers and usually be the bioluminescent feathers as well. It's main tones usually are neutral tones though dark blues and purples are common as well. The plumage for males can exist in any kind of color and be two different shades on the tips and the mid area. It's eyes are typically black but a dark brown or dark grey has also been reported.

Additional Information


Due to having calm temperaments, taming Phearns isn't particularly hard but it is time constraining. The bird, though smart, is so one track minded that training it for multiple things is a waste of time. Due to it being a superb flyer with the ability to remember where it has been and where home is, it is easy to train it in communications. This is not to say that the Phearn can't be trained for anything else, only that you will never find a multi-trained Phearn.
Pets and Communication
Avg 30 years
Geographic Distribution


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