House Phoenix

Ruling over the north-western side of Treces, House Phoenix is one of the six ruling houses of early Treces. Though always existing, it is only recent that House Phoenix has expanded it's territory and thus became a royal house.   The capital is called Neatié and exists in the middle of Phoenix territory in the Scorched Woods. The symbol is of a crimson phoenix on a charcoal background.


Courting Rituals

Courting is a grand spectacle that usually sees the entire community joining in and watching, despite it's intimacy. A phoenix will fly around, creating flame and smoke trails in the air to make intricate figures and art for the one they are courting. Typically, if the receiver feels the same, they will join them. Even if rejected, the show is worth watching and usually is well-received by those in attendance.

Phoenix & Regional Markings

Technically, the phoenixes control three regions in their area. The northern or volcanic region, the southern or forested region, and the western or coastal region. Again, technically as there is a fourth, the central, this area exists purely due to political reasons. The central region consists of all three cultures that the other three are known for.   It should be noted that the regions are purely cultural and have no bearing on the type of phoenixes that come from there, as there are no sub-races of phoenix like there are for dragons and basilisks.


Northern | Volcanic This region encompasses the northern half of the Scorched Woods and is predominantly made up of the chain of volcanoes and lava pools that inhabit the area. The area is known mainly for its bright colors, extravagant food, and diverse wildlife and fauna. Due to its proximity to the volcanoes, the phoenixes here are the typical ones that have been known throughout all of history.   Facial markings for the Adero mirror the markings found on the phoenixes nesting here. Lines are commonly straight down the face and dots along the cheeks, eyes, chin, nose, and forehead. Of course, there are different variations, some with thinner lines, some with more than one line. Sometimes an additional line will cross the forehead or be placed upon the cheeks. Other times the dots will vary in size and placement.  


Western | Coastal This area sits to the west, and though not all of it is coastal, most of it mirrors the culture that hails from the site. The colors here are darker than the others, consisting mainly of dark gold, orange, and yellow with blues, greens, and purples thrown in. They rely heavily on seafood, and unlike the other two regions, their livelihood is tied with the phoenixes. It's not strange to see a phoenix and a Phaizarn working together to bring in the day's fish. The phoenix of this area has adapted and evolved enough to enter the water for quick bursts to catch fish. Due to how fast this action needs to be done, the clever phoenix (if not working with Phaizarn) will typically hunt in groups of three and four. The first will dive into the water to startle the fish, and immediately after, the second will dive deeper to frighten them into heading towards the surface. The remaining phoenixes will fly by and grab any fish in their talons.   Unlike the other two regions, the areas in this region do not mirror the markings that the phoenix of the site have. Instead, the markings are heavily inspired by the fish and sea life that populates the area. These markings are focused primarily near the eyes, with deep eyeliner and eyeshadow accentuating the feature. Designs from simple lines, streaks, and dots can be found and more elaborate markings.  


Southern | Forested The southern area is mainly made up of forests. While the northern region has volcanoes and the western, the coast, the south holds bioluminescent flora. This is due to the makeup of the woods and how dark it can get at night, the trees blocking all traces of light. Due to this, most of those in the area build their houses on stilts or reside in the trees. They are known chiefly for the bioluminescent element, making for a fantastic sight to those not used to it. The colors of those in the south are usually neon in a way. The warm colors are placed against the much more saturated and loud color schemes native to the area. The phoenixes in this area have also adapted and evolved, their feathers being able to glow in the dark to scare off predators.   The markings of this area are quite simple, a dash across the face that differ in thickness but predominantly all look the same in this regard. The difference mainly is the color as, unlike the other areas, those here have bioluminescent materials to work with.  


The central region was created to house the royals of the land under the belief that the royals should not hold one area above the other. Due to this belief, many royals do not wear the markings from their home region, though not all follow this. The central area brings the many cultures of the site to one place and is the central hub for trade between regions and the other regions of Treces.

Let the flame burn forevermore.

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