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Nanchang Sect


The Nanchang Sect is one of the largest, most powerful and respected sects of the jianghu. North to south, east to west, people travel from all corners of the Jiangshan to be among its students or to seek aid or shelter.


The Nanchang Sect is presided over by a council. These are the most knowledgeable, wise, powerful and just among its elders. They have each taken under wing several students by the time they have been elected to the position of elders and have been elevated to the council by those of their sect.   Beneath the council are the unelected shifu, teachers to those who come to learn, or to the orphans in their care. They also act as ambassadors when out in the greater world, whether it be in an official capacity in the Jiangshan, or as xia in the Jianghu.   Below them, of the lowest rank, are the students who have come, been sent, and the orphans cared for by the sect.

Public Agenda

The Nanchang Sect is comprised of xia, and so are followers of xiake, including the tenets: justice, benevolence, courage, honesty, honour, loyalty, and disregard for wealth as well as for glory.
Notable Members


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