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The Bronze City

God ordained the Bronze City. He reached down and instructed His servant, Kaleb, to build it. Now it stands as the center of a war over who is right and who is wrong. One faith or another might hold the city, but in the end the people know that much bloodshed cannot make either right.


Men: 80% Blackamoor: 15% Delven: 4% Fire Spirit: <1% Djinn: <1%


The Bronze City's government changes with the regime. When the Pure hold it, it is a Khalifate. When the Followers hold it, it is a Kingdom. Both are generally monarchies and theocracies, with a king of khalif ruling over the people in a political role, while holy men rule through religion.


The city has a massive academy. While it specializes in religious studies, it expanded out into all sorts of studies, and during less oppressive regimes, it even has a very active forum for discussion and true debate on topics.   Irrigation allows farming.   It is the trade center for Lake G'desh, despite being so far south. Most gems, slaves, and other items of value go through the Bronze City before they are distributed to other cities to the north. This is less the case during times when the Pure or Followers do not run the entire lake.


The Bronze City was founded thousands of years ago by Kaleb. Kaleb was a priest for a polytheistic city-state to the north, until Volden called to him and sent him south. Instructions were given, lumber and bronze were procured, and the city was built.   The Followers used the city as their capital, and spread up north, until all the lake was theirs, delivered to them by the hand of Volden.   Then Malyx took over the city, a djinn born of G'desh. He ruled through tyranny. When he was displaced, the Followers, weakened, claimed the Bronze City, but couldn't claim anything else.   From the power of the djinn, the Pure Flame rose up in the north. Within a generation, they swooped down and took over all of Lake G'desh.   Now and then a different cultures claims the Bronze City and the entire lake, but for the most part, for centuries the Pure and Followers war over the city and lake constantly.


The Bronze City proper is beyond anything men can make. It is colossal in size, with beautifully detailed adornments. Some of the adornments must be maintained, while others have weathered years of abuse.   The city proper consists of clay and brick houses, painted white. There are minets scattered throughout the city.


The city is surrounded by a desert, with a lake to the north. Through irrigation, there are several verdant locations near the city.
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