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To the west is disease, heat, humidity, and a lot of animals that want to eat you. Some of them can even turn into people.   If that's not bad enough, that's where the gate to the Hells opened, letting demons rush in from time to time. There are sanctuaries everywhere. A pox upon pox, those people. -Lazhi, Imperial Merchant


Sankive is one large pit of trees. To the south there are mountains, heading it mostly off from G'desh Desert. To the north are mountains, choking them off from unknown lands. There's a sea to the far west, which provides the stifling humidity, but there is a dense fog not too far out which makes it useless aside from short trips and fishing. To the east, the trees finally give way to the plains.   Southern Sankive is a jungle, the temperatures and humidity remaining high. Farther from the coast, and in a more temperate region, Northern Sankive is a forest. Toward the very top, near the mountains which bleed into Hurskfjell, there are even pine trees and snow.

Fauna & Flora

Flora Basic jungle vegetation to the south, with basic forest vegetation to the north. In some areas, where demons corrupted the land, there are some variations in the flora. However, these variations are specific to the area and impossible to recreate. If the corruption is purified, the tainted vegetation goes with it.   Fauna Basic jungle and forest animals. Outside of the usual, and only half fauna, are the janaav. The janaav can shapeshift into humans and half human, half animal forms. They can only shift into whatever their original animal form was, and they have to drink from the Well of Ghuma in order to obtain these blessings.

Natural Resources

Wood, tropical fruits, tropical spices, animals
Alternative Name(s)
The West, Sankive Jungle, Sankive Forest
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
Included Locations

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