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The people of the desert are frugal and tough. They survive when no one else would. At least in a desert. Put them on top of Hurskfjell, and they'll freeze to death in seconds.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Hebrew and Arabic names

Masculine names

Hebrew and Arabic names

Family names

Those who do have family names, use only the name of the city they were born. A few, more common among the Pure and Eternal, will claim who they are the son of.


Major language groups and dialects


Beauty Ideals

Light skin, straight hair, voluptuous women, lean men, modest dress

Gender Ideals

  • Thrifty Navigators Religious Wealthy
  • Modest Homemakers Obedient Faithful

Courtship Ideals

A man sees a woman he likes, or hears of one with admirable traits. He offers up a dowry to her family, usually without ever meeting her. The family agrees or disagrees to the dowry. Should they agree, then they are wed soon after, and when they go to the altar, it is the first time bride and groom see each other.

Major organizations

The Followers of the One
Significant presence in

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