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G'desh Desert

The only way in and out of the desert is a river, and it dries up for half the year. The desert's riches say come on in, but after that, it demands you stay.


The G'desh Desert is the overall name for the southern region of Ji-Wei. The desert begins just after a savanna separating it from the central plains and Sankive jungle.   To the far west is a mountain range. The story goes that a dragon died there, and the mountain is its spine. The salt flats created, supposedly, from the ice run off, is from the tears shed from the dragon.   The Western G'desh Desert loose sand, which turns into dunes. Oases do exist in enough density to help people cross through the Western Desert.   In the center is Lake G'desh. The largest body of water, Lake G'desh is considered the center of desert civilization. It is warred over and sports the largest population in the desert.   The Eastern G'desh Desert is rocky, filled with caves and hidden lakes. There are more villages scattered here than in the west, and there are significant resources to be mined. Mining is highly popular in the region, and with mining comes slavery.   To the far east is the coast of the sea. There are two major rivers which sport populations which, combined, rival Lake G'desh.

Fauna & Flora

Flora Cacti are the most populous vegetation, as desert claims most of the sands. There are uniquely desert plants, and all plants have something to do with alchemy. Nearly every one of them is harvested for some trait, whether the trait is real or perceived.   Fauna Most notable are the sand monsters of the west. Otherwise, creatures are common desert animals.

Natural Resources

The most bounteous resource comes from the earth. Gems, gold, silver, and other riches can be extracted.
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