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Long ago there was only the Void. Then it created Chaos and Order which warred with each other. During that war, a world was created. It was said whoever controlled the world could destroy the other faction, and so Order created the Thousand Heavens and Chaos created the Thousand Hells.   Now demons and gods move against each other. Demons swarm out of their pits, abducting and enslaving humans to twisted wills beyond comprehension. The gods come as champions of men. Innovation, order, and subjugation for the good of all has its appeal, and the gods capitalize upon that appeal as they elegantly leave heavenly domiciles.   But the north and south know nothing about these squabbles. To the south, the G'desh Desert has two very strongly held religions: the Followers of the One and the Pure Flame. The two war with each other, rotating control over Lake G'desh, the most viable region in the desert. The people suffer for their zeal. However, ignorance is not protection. The godly Empire has its eyes on the resources of G'desh.   The north, the mountain range of Hurskfjell, has a sturdy people. Winter and ancestors are worshiped, though only passingly. To get lost in praise would be to die of starvation or frostbite. The elements are harsh on the mountain, and the people are regularly reminded. However, in the past there were runes of life and death. The Empire sets their eyes on them as an easy weapon to control the war with demons.   Will the gods or demons win the war of Chaos and Order? If the gods win, does that truly mean a good outcome for men? Only time will tell.

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