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Jewel of The Stars Universe

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It is the early twenty-first century. Humanity has taken its first steps into interstellar space. A few colony worlds have been established in nearby star systems. Luxury cruise ships carry holidaymakers through the stars to exotic destinations, as they once did on Earth's oceans.   While humans have made no formal first contact with aliens, the ruins of a long-abandoned alien outpost was discovered on a planet twenty years ago.   All of this changes when the HMAS Adelaide makes contact with an alien ship. Without knowing how, they give offense, and an alien armada invades and occupies Earth.   Human colonies and ships are being picked off one by one.   Only one ship has escaped into the depths of unexplored space. The cruise ship Jewel of The Stars.   This is the setting of the ongoing series Jewel of the Stars by Adam David Collings. Learn more about the books at

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