Watermill Manors

Watermill Manors is a small settlement of just two houses along the northeast coast of Kazaharo Cliffs. This ruined location was abandoned a few centuries ago after being ravaged by a group of dragons, ridge runners to be precise.
Founding Date


Watermill Manors was lived in by a family of four. Kura Iricho, Marina Iricho, and their two children Itri and Qilara Iricho.
These people lived in the Manors for 40 years, after Kura and Marina retired as business owners and moved into the wilderness for peace and quiet. Their two children were born inside Watermill Manors and raised there, never leaving.

Death of the Inhabitants

The four people living in Watermill Manors met their end when they accidentally angered a large pack of ridge runners. These dragons typically inhabit valleys and ravines, and after Watermill Manors diverted the river and flooded a ravine with these dragons, they hunted the people down.
All that is left of the manors is burnt rubble and the four graves of the family. It is tradition in moroll culture to be buried where you die, unless that is impossible then you're buried closest to that position.
Kazaharo Cliffs

Secrets Underneath

Directly below the ruins of Watermill Manors is a large safe. Or was, rather. It was taken into an archive as soon as the ruins was investigated. In the archive the safe was investigated, and inside were hundreds of artifacts, jewelry, and weapons from locations across the globe. It appears that this family were talented thieves, and had obtained a rather large collection.
The most valuable item in the family's collection was a precious Royal Crown stolen from the Airites in Khaltos. These fashionable treasures are worn by the richest in their society, and are worth a great deal. Somehow, these items weren't returned to their original owners, but instead remained inside the archive.


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