Storm Shrew

Storm shrews are an adorable little critter found running through the dense foliage of various islands. These animals can be incredibly poisonous, and I advise you do not eat them. Not that you would, they're too cute.


Storm shrews are a meekly built animal, with a tiny body and tiny accompanying legs. These animals reach about ten inches in height, almost a foot tall, making them one of the largest rodent species on the planet.

Storm Shrew by Mochi

Storm shrews have very large heads compared to their bodies, almost the same size. They have long snouts that they use to snuffle through foliage in search of insects to eat.

These rats are a magnificent blend of cream and dark purple - their two-toned bodies are cream on top, purple on the bottom, and it makes them very easy to spot. Not great when they need to hide from predators, but it scares them off by making the predators think they're poisonous.

5 years
Average Height
10 inches
Geographic Distribution
Scissor-Claw Hunting by Mochi


Storm shrews live on a handful of islands, taking advantage of driftwood and migrating rarely. They typically live in undergrowths and large grassland areas, occupying the dense, colourful foliage. They are a commonly hunted species by small dragons and other predatory animals.

Because of this, storm shrews have developed a commensalistic relationship with a flower species known as storm rafflesia. These enormous flowers are big enough to house an entire family of storm shrews, and that's exactly what they do. The storm rafflesia provides protection, while gaining nothing from its relationship with the shrews.

Hey Little L, take a photo of this will you? The silly little scissor-claw is about to eat the storm-shrew, but that one's poisonous. It'll definitely die.
Thanks buddy. Let's go, before the dragon notices us.
— Jerna


Storm shrews are entirely insectivorous, preying on the various insects that live in the undergrowths of these islands. Funnily enough, some insects are powerful enough to take down storm shrews if they catch them in the right moment. Storm shrews don't ever go for insects larger than their heads.

To find food, the rats will nudge through dead and fallen leaves, bushes, through small roots, with their snouts that they can momentarily stiffen for extra strength. Storm shrews need to eat double their body weight in a day, purely because of how much they walk and run through the thick forests evading predators or chasing others of their species.

Poisonous Snack

A certain subspecies of storm shrew has arisen with a poisonous aftertaste. These storm shrews contain a poison in their bodies so powerful it could kill off a dragon like a scissor-claw. Unfortunately, most dragons cannot tell the difference between regular storm shrews and poisonous ones, so each time they try and eat one they are gambling their lives away.


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