Jerna's Diary, entry 4.
So I made it to the village, and apparently there's some drama between this place and Khaltos? I'm kind of scared, because I mentioned Khaltos and everyone looked at me angrily and now I'm hiding in an alleyway where people can't find me. I really need to find out what's happened between the two villages, because this would be great to get down in my diary.
I like Neihlar, it's a cute town. It's nicer than Khaltos, and the people love to hear you say that. Neihlar is a small village sat beside Redrin River, opposite to Khaltos. Neihlar was formed when a group of people were kicked out of Khaltos for attempting to hatch the skyshifter egg in the middle of the village, but they will tell you they left on their own accord.
314 years

Location, Geography & Climate


Neihlar is situated on a flat piece of land, within view of the south coastline of the Kazaharo Cliffs. Just a short walk from Khaltos, a small bridge cuts across Redrin river, serving access to either town from each other. Only travellers use this bridge, as the villages want nothing to do with each other.


Neihlar sits on one of the flattest parts of the Kazaharo Cliffs, as this area was once under two feet of water as part of a larger swamp. The land remains somewhat muddy, located on the edge of the Redrin River and on the edge of the swamplands.
Lots of dense grasses grow in the swamplands in and around Neihlar, and some have even invaded homes in the corners of rooms where it is most damp. There are very few trees in the area, and where there are trees they tend to be very small, no more than a few feet tall.


The level of rain is so random that the people in the village just stopped trying to foresee the weather.
Due to its subtropical climate, Neihlar does not experience much snow. Maybe once or twice a year does it recieve frost. Neihlar experiences consistent warmth through eight months of the year.
Kazaharo Cliffs


Farming District

The only official district in Neihlar is the farming district. With a handful of houses and seemingly endless fields, the farming district takes up most of the village. The fields themselves stretch from the south edge of the Redrin River right up to the northwest side of Neihlar, while there are just three paddocks for chinins, used solely for milk production.


Neihlar Library

The unmistakeable blue building in Neihlar is the famed Neihlar Library. In it contains the live's works of many great authors, both fiction and non-fiction. While most of the books there are absolute garbage, there are a few great reads. My personal favourite is the autobiography on Alfo Revul, a man from Greenerth who "discovered" this planet. I have a signed copy too, it sits on a shelf in my house collecting dust.

Workshop Road

Workshop Road is a road of four large buildings close to Neihlar Library. These four buildings are the unofficial "Industrial District"; a brewery, a herbalist, a carpenter and an alchemist. These four buildings supply some of the most crucial materials in Neihlar, most of which is traded with other settlements.  
  • Nia Ellemen runs the brewery.
  • Erec Ellemen runs the carpenter store.
  • Ilip Ah runs the herbalist store.
  • Friah Paur runs the alchemist store.
  • Redrin Bridge

    The only bridge over Redrin River, Redrin Bridge is a very tiny bridge. It was only constructed for travellers, as the people of Neihlar and Khaltos will never want to visit each other. The bridge is made of a simple wood, with two support stone pillars on either side of the river. It is very overgrown and is breaking in some places, but still a viable way of getting over the river.


    Neihlar often trades with Tavertral, the self-appointed capital of Maerkhor and the biggest trade settlement on Dracosei. With an alchemist, a herbalist and a brewery, Neihlar manufactures a ton of magic resources and items.  
    Neihlar's most popular export is spicy brine. An unusal liquid, spicy brine contains magical properties. While in their spherical containers, spicy brine acts as an erratic living creature, trying to break out of the bottle. I have absolutely no idea how spicy brine is made, and I really want to know, but I doubt I'll ever find out.
    Almost all of Neihlar's wealth comes from the trade of magical resources. I couldn't find exact numbers, but I'd say around 90%. The other percentage of Neihlar's wealth comes from wood gathered from the forests north of the village. These trees are replanted, and since the people of Neihlar started harvesting the wood the forest has expanded by 13%.
      In any circumstance, creating magic potions would be more difficult than chopping down a tree, but since spicy brine and the other exports are so rare, they sell for much more.


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