These lot are concerningly egotistical. They don't care what you think about them, they just plod along with their lives, only caring about themselves and their valuable possessions. It's one of the reasons I rarely visit Khaltos or Neihlar; they're just so unpleasant most of the time.
Airites are a group of terani that abandoned their nomadic lifestyles in Etrea in search of a more peaceful existence elsewhere. They fled and found Kazaharo Cliffs, where they discovered the egg of a skyshifter dragon, one of the legendary elemental dragons. Upon settling down, they formed the town Khaltos, which is now the biggest settlement on the island, one of three.


The Airites came to be after a large group of terani in Etrea decided to leave, after forming alternate opinions towards their nomadic lifestyle. They abandoned the continent on several large ships, and sailed until they discovered the Kazaharo Cliffs. Settling down in the south near one of the two deltas, they constructed the village that is now known as Khaltos, and eventually some left and formed Neihlar.


Airites speak various forms of Aerish, a language developed after they left the original terani population. While there are many sub-dialects that sound vastly different to a foreigner such as me, Airites generally have no difficulty understanding them.   Aerish can be classified as two languages, formal Aerish and informal Aerish. Informal Aerish is used in every day conversation, with friends and family, while formal Aerish is used with people one doesn't know well, or those in higher social classes. This use of diglossia is rarely seen in people on Dracosei.

Culture & Society



When eating, one must never open their mouths. It is considered a crime to show someone the food in your mouth while you chew. The only time you can open your mouth while there is a meal in front of you is to put food in. Do not talk while there is still food either, as it shows you are not focused on the meal itself. Try not to leave food in your bowl if you are not eating your own food, as the cook will assume you didn't enjoy it. This rule is relaxed when friends cook, and can even be used as lighthearted mockery.  

Social Classes

Social classes in Airite culture are solely defined by one's job.
The lowest class consists of people who don't often come into contact with other people. Less vaguely put, those who work with materials, such as fishing, mining, woodcutting etc.
Those who work with animals and crops, so farming, are seen as the heart of Airite culture and are greatly respected, yet barely paid anything. These are the middle class.
The highest class are the Airites who are greatly involved in other's affairs. Doctors and nurses, teachers, and similar jobs are the highest class because they treat people's egos. Since Airites care mostly about themselves, highest class jobs are able to help them.  


Humour is not taken too well in a formal Airite setting. Most avoid any kind of humour in the workplace, unless it is a generally informal environment (which is very rare). Within an informal setting, humour is seen in a positive light, as it encourages friendly relations. Airite humour mostly consists of dry, sarcastic comments, however.


Airite cuisine primarily involves the crops growing within/around the village. Sticking partially to their nomadic roots, some Airite have the job of exploring the island for new plants and animals to take back. Almost all of the popular meals and dishes within Airite culture use sawfruits, the "mascot" fruit. I find it kind of ridiculous that Airites have a mascot fruit, but I gotta give it to them - it's nice.


The ideal family in Airite culture is two parents and three children. The sex of the parents does not matter, however to produce children one would need a male and a female, but surrogacy is acceptable. Nobody quite knows why three children is ideal, but most believe it stems from when the Airites were decreasing in population, and knowing their vain selves, they simply would not allow them to go extinct.


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