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The Devourer

Trifle epitomizes the darker side of nature as the god of hunting, hunger, and predatory beasts. Her faithful believe the hunt is the center point between life and death – the facing off of hunter and prey, forcing the issue of who lives and dies. Trifle is not commonly worshipped, though hunters and assassins will ask for her skill in pursuing their quarry.

Divine Domains

Death, Nature

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A disc with three bloody claw marks.

Tenets of Faith

The Devourer’s mere presence weakens and consumes life itself to feed her own power, so offerings to her are almost always portions of fresh kills, or bountiful gifts of food. Making the same mark after a hunt is customary to pay homage to her, lest you become hunted yourself.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

It is said in hushed corners that Trifle's hunger will only be sated when she consumes all life on Jemmora. Tales also say that she is at odds with Basella, and her mere presence drives the life goddess mad.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

It is said that Trifle takes the form of a grisly, humanoid owlbear with a distended mouth full of teeth when she appears to mortals.

Divine Classification

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