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The Protector

The Great Bear embodies the aspect of honor and justice used to protect others. Kodava is the leader of the gods of justice, and seen as the epitome of guardians and knights. She is venerated by those who serve to protect others, from the city watch and orders of knights, to parents watching over their children.   Kodava’s name is invoked when danger is present, or when guards and knights are sworn to service. Communities offer her tribute for their protection, but she is loathe to provide it directly due to an ancient slight against her honor by mortal kings.   The Knights of the Realm serve in her name, and her priests can often be found in their company, or serving as leaders of the local town watch. They believe that performing her duties on her behalf will atone for past transgressions by mortals and restore their honor.

Divine Domains

Protection, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A disc bearing a bear’s head.

Divine Classification
Other Affiliations

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