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Once a thriving kingdom of pastoral foothills and rich farmland, Dremenot suffered terribly during the Demon Wars. Many of the farms lay abandoned, and the wilds have taken over into vast prairies or burned into scrubland. Still, Dremenot’s agricultural economy survived, though it has recently turned more to livestock and grains.


Each township and city in Dremenot governs itself, but they all contribute to the federation that arose after the sacking of Brenhilde during the Demon Wars. Each year, a conference is held with volunteer representatives from every settlement to discuss affairs concerning the confederacy as a whole.


As the epicenter of the Demon Wars, Dremenot was hit hardest and has struggled to recover. Many of the farmers have taken to mining or ranching, while some turned to hunting and gathering. Dremenot’s struggle has been felt throughout the rest of Drevoss due to shortages of food staples.

Demography and Population

Dremen beers, ales, and sausages are considered without equal. Traditional Dremen dress included hosiery, suspenders, and feathered caps, though most modern folk favor dress that keeps them sheltered from the elements. Wide-brimmed hats, long jackets, sturdy boots, and other clothing suited for long travel on the plains and badlands is common, though it is styled with traditional motifs to honor Dremen heritage.


Although it is located in northwestern Drevoss, a combination of warm tradewinds, elemental influence, and lingering fel magic have left Dremenot with a warmer temperate climate that has mild winters, if winter shows at all.


Citizens of Dremenot worship the pantheon, with Basella and Koore as popular patron deities.

Foreign Relations

As a member state of the Five Realms, Dremenot is on good terms with Lillinosti, Twillin, Kirinjo, and Khazdal. It is on neutral terms with the Fespaani Isles, Esperia, and Winterholme, and is part of the cold war with Kar'dorel.

Agriculture & Industry

Cattle, copper, iron, wheat

Trade & Transport

Several major overland trade routes still exist, and the Lightning Rail makes stops at several of the larger settlements.

Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Dremenot Confederacy
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Neighboring Nations






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