While Vivie can be found on either planet and on the spacestations, they're recognized as being alliend with Jaumun.

Jaumun is the planet where the majority of them live and all government officals on Juamun are Vivie.


Benuvi are typically thoguht of as Air headed, Controlling, and Greedy by other Vivie.
These steriotypes likely come from the fact that Rochevord Waterworks is a benuvi run company that controls the fresh water suply to Ciarn.


Chiuvi are often considered Aggressive, Snobby, and Wild.
These ideas mostly come from the troubles the Ciarn Tech Consortium has had with the Coldol Empire in the past, as well as the stuckup feeling nature of the Kingdom of Ncia.


Dejuvi make up the majority of Vivie.
They are often considered Untrustworth yet Cyber Savvy, mostly by those who don't live in Ciarn.

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