Xeno_1117 {Micdy Lecdra}

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Micdy Lecdra (a.k.a. Xeno_1117)

A psychopathic hacker that also is a master at getting anyone to do anything.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Xeno is pretty healthy, minimal scars or bruising or illnesses, in fact she can't remember a time she was even sick.

Identifying Characteristics

A tattoo of The Infinite's symbol on her back

Physical quirks

Dominant Hand: Right   Walking style: As if shes a careful drunk.   Nervous Tic: Often chews on her claws when excited or nervous

Special abilities

If only you knew...

Apparel & Accessories

She usually keeps it simple and black. Never EVER will she use formal clothes for any situation(No matter the consequences).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Xeno was born to a rich Traditionalist family to the name "Misty", which she abandoned once she became a cyber. She then ran away at 12 when she was introduced to Cyberspace, she then became a cyber on Reedi 10th, 12 Bugwar and now just takes any job she can.


Mostly taught herself everything, but has also been trained by a few people she could seduce.


odd jobs and work where she can find it

Failures & Embarrassments

Being a disappointment to her family, Ever being seen without her mask.

Intellectual Characteristics

She debates moral philosophy with herself daily, and whether she or anyone around her is a good or bad person. She never shares this though.

Morality & Philosophy

Believer in karma, and that it will catch up to her.


Anything formal or non-expressive

Personality Characteristics


Wants to become a hacker of cyberspace on par with The Infinite, also wants to gain money and influence to give a proper apology to her family and personal gain.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Fantastic at manipulation, social situations, and hacking. Horrible at caring, keeping up the facade, and not judging other people.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves partying, drinking, seducing others or interacting with machines. Hates those that are too fixated on reality.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, Charming and fairly intelligent.

Vices & Personality flaws

Always tries to lie, even when the truth will solve the problem easier.

Personality Quirks

Snores quite loudly when sleeping.. But sounds funny.


Just leaves things where they fall with little consideration of where they're supposed to go.


Contacts & Relations

She has a connection to many other Cybers. (though many of them seem to have recently gone missing and no one else remembers who the are.)

Family Ties

She would have family ties if she didn't run away.

Religious Views

While she may believe in no god, she reveres The Infinite like one.

Social Aptitude

Confident and seductive.


Tends to think of every way a thing will go down, even when it takes valuable time.

Hobbies & Pets

Literature, Philosophy, and Manipulation.


Xeno_1117 {Micdy Lecdra}


Towards Euji {Eujene Crendon}


Euji {Eujene Crendon}


Towards Xeno_1117 {Micdy Lecdra}



They've just met and talked once, Xeno has earned some favor through this simple fact.

Nicknames & Petnames

Eugene for Micdy: Xeno Micdy for Eugene: Euji

Shared Acquaintances


Xeno_1117 {Micdy Lecdra}


Towards Jared Aviad


Jared Aviad


Towards Xeno_1117 {Micdy Lecdra}



They met and Jared decided to help her because she was pretty, just what she was hoping for

Shared Acquaintances


Wealth & Financial state

She ran away from home and is taking every job she can, even still she has to scrape out a meager existance in the slums of Ciarn. Though she does have a way to assess the The Source so what else does she need really? (food.. she needs food, and a roof prolly)
Current Location
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Often uses her sexuality to open doors or shut mouths. Doesn't really give a shit if her partner is male or female.
80 Ibs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Kiss me~"
Appears in...
Notes to self
Check into last night's guest
Harass biker kid, possibly involving ducttape
Sigh, its a sad day, had to burry ol' Chester.

We had a good run Ches, I never thought you'd die in combat.

Who stabs a man's succulents in the dark?
What is the world coming to?
Hey little miss cactus shanker, if you have some time I'd like to pay you back for what you did to ol' Ches. (ง'̀-'́)ง Haha!

Cover image: Baz and Merry2 by Lengna
Character Portrait image: Xeno_1117 by Lengna


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