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Trigger {Iharna Lamora}

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Iharna Dimrali von Arvir Cirven de Ciero Lamora the Second (a.k.a. Trigger) (vie/Ciero)

A young man from the The Gloriously Confounding Jalahad and Ciero Gallivanting Circus out to see the world, but ran afoul of some pirates and was never heard from again.

Physical Description

Body Features

Snow white, smooth skin. Large horns that curve back and coil up.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoos of his adventures on his body.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When he was of age, Iharna left the circus to travel the world on his own, as per his family's tradition. In his travels he lived with many different kinds of people. One such person was Carah Brice a young woman in debt with the cartels of Ciarn. Togehter they caused a bit of mischief and had to flee the city. They had a bit of a love affair as they traveled, though he did plan to leave again eventually and find more people to learn from or help.   Unfortunately they were joined by Jecce Cozand, an ex-member of the Raycravd Syndicate who was in need of some help. This new 'friend' was extremely jealous of Iharna though and, unbeknownst to him or his lover, drugged them with the drug that lets one have children. His lover accused him of tricking her and kicked him out of an airlock into space before he even knew what she was upset about.   Sadly, his child grew up never knowing anything about him.


As a blood-bound member of The Gloriously Confounding Galahad and Ciero Galavanting Circus, Iharna came from a long line of magicians, acrobats, and bards. While he did not attend school, he spent his entire childhood learning the ways of the entertainer. His family taught him everything he knew, and, while he may not have carried the knowledge that many who had attended school did, he knew much that most people would never have had the chance to learn.


Trigger {Iharna Lamora}


Towards Carah Brice


Carah Brice


Towards Trigger {Iharna Lamora}


Current Location
Date of Birth
Record 16, Lirdi 15
54 DarkWar 30 DarkWar 24 years old
Circumstances of Death
Tossed out of an airlock into space by his lover.
Somewhere over the Dinali savanna.
Carah Brice (Lover)
Other Affiliations

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Character Portrait image: Yharna by Lengna


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