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The Cryo, The Father Of Wired Cleansing (a.k.a. The Ciarm Eye, The Cryo Terror, The Speaker)

The bringer of the great cleansing, so he calls it. He runs the terrorist organization "Wired Cleanse", which believes that they must poison everyone with Cryolidhium in order to cleanse them of the limited form of the JauVonian body. No one exactly knows where he comes from, some believe that he was a scientist who met The Source, some say he came from The Source itself, some think he's just a insane psycho. Either way, he's dangerous. And will cleanse anyone he thinks deserves it. He believes that the 2 planets in the JauVon system were created by The Source. And all people who live there belong to The Source. He thinks bugs are secondary citizens due to this, and will instead of cleansing one kill one if he gets the chance. His terrorist organization has anywhere from 100-500 active members at any given time. He treats each member very valuably and as if they were his children.

Holy Books & Codes

He has a manifesto he himself created.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Honors The Consciousness for being within The Source.   And honors The Infinity for being truly reborn.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While poisoned by Cryolidhium, he is in a good physical condition.

Body Features

Excellent build

Facial Features

Triangle pupils

Physical quirks

frequent eye twitching

Apparel & Accessories

Usually wears what can only be described as a disco suit from the 60s in human culture, unless he's on official business(aka planting a bomb), then he's in a black stealth suit

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Legend has it that he was born by the source, and sent out to bring "The Great Cleansing" to everyone.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Has a group of followers

Mental Trauma

The Cryolidhium poisoning is getting to him....

Morality & Philosophy

Cryo believes that once everyone is cleansed, that the Source will come and accept his children, bringing everyone to Cyberspace where they can live in peace.   Much of his mentality is recorded in his manifesto, Of Source And Vie.

Personality Characteristics


Wants all to be cleansed.


Contacts & Relations

Contacts from companies, to other terrorist organizations, to even some government officials.

Religious Views

Believes that Cryolidhium poisoning is spiritual, and that it is the only way to evolve people.


Has a commanding and charismatic way of talking, you almost want to follow him even if you hate him~
No Need For Morals When You're This Crazy
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Bringer of The Great Cleansing
Year of Birth
16 DarkWar 36 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Claims to be born from the Source
No one really knows
Current Residence
In his hideout in Ciarn
Biological Sex
Short and Orange
Skin Tone
Red with yellow spots and strips.
Appears in...
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Cryo's theme
Cryo's inner voice

Cover image: Baz and Merry2 by Lengna
Character Portrait image: Cryo by Lengna


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