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Iyuandil: The World of The Lost Queen

1005 AEK

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This is the world of The Lost Queen and its heroes. Explore Lenz, Alden, and the locations along Melony, Micah, Jonathan, and Belnor's journey with the Map of Iyuandil. Learn about the history of the Kings and Queen of Contaria or the ancient empires of times long gone with The History of Western Iyuandil and other timelines. And unlock the secrets long hidden in myth and legend. Immerse yourself in Iyuandil as you anticipate our heroes' next adventure, The Blood Key.   This site contains many major spoilers for The Lost Queen.   This world and all its contents are property of Lynde Leatherwood and Iyuandil Press and are not permitted for use in monetized content.

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