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Benethir's Journal

Benethir was a Phaelmorn noble, around the time of the Opening of the Doors. An expedition in Lihiri was necessary to explore and document the worlds of the multiverse, jumping between the many worlds, to chart them and make sure they were safe for the use of Lihiri's citizens. The Gates of Lihiri were heavily guarded until it was assured that they were safe.   Benethir, young and foolish yet yearning for adventure, volunteered to lead the investigation, and he was permitted. He kept a journal of his findings. The expedition began on 12th Arkad 4082, just 2 months after the Opening of the Doors. The last two entries were written by his assistant for the journey, after Benethir was killed.


The purpose was to bring back a document of the many worlds of the multiverse, who lived there, and what dangers lurked, so the citizens could be warned of what dangers were concealed beneath the surface.

Historical Details


This journal was written after the Opening of the Doors, when travel between the many different worlds could be achieved. It was designed to inform the public about the many worlds and their dangers.


The document had a huge impact the expedition ended, and the journal was sold and replicated as a general guide to the worlds beyond their home, Lihiri, and a warning against the greatest dangers. Without it, perhaps millions, billions of people may have died.


The document is still replicated and read today, as a legacy of the past, when the Gates had only just opened. This journal paved the way for a future into the worlds, a new hope for life to expand and prosper.
Journal, Scientific
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