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19th Llorm 10644

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Worlds. Endless worlds. Worlds of wonder and power, truth and fantasy. Thousands of realms awaiting the discovery of pioneers and travellers leading a flood of people into the wider multiverse. Ambitious traders wish to make their fortune in these many worlds.   The All-War changed all of that. A slowly growing empire of realms spread across the multiverse, quickly and efficiently. The species behind it called themselves Orcs. They took slaves, destroyed homes and cities, and recruited more to their cause. Normal life was gone for billions, replaced by a miserable existence. Soon enough they would consume everyone. So an army rose up and in a conflict on an unimaginable scale, the Orcs were defeated. But not without cost. Billions of people died. The story was a tragedy.   But watching over them, the three elder gods, controlling time, creation, and the protection of the Multiverse, deciding on the fate of all, and creating new worlds to... 'experiment' with.   And amongst these countless worlds, a small, average world known as Kilethar, largely uninhabited and isolated from the busy hustle of the other realms. On a lonely island in a seemingly endless sea, a plot begins that will change the realms forever...