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Ivory Planet--Malaskay

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The Ivory Planet is a world within the Empyreas Universe. Continents seem to be in constant motion, causing many natural disasters. There are two suns--one bright yellow, another small and blue. There are also twin moons. Depending on the location of the inhabitant, the sky may look different and affect the geography and tides differently. The axis and rotations are different than Earth’s, causing time and climate differences around the planet. Mirror lake reflects alternative dimension of the Ivory Planet. There is a direct connection to the Air Isles dimension located on the planet just below the atmosphere. Eastern transport shipyard open to all willing and able dimensions. The world's markings include cloudy, white atmosphere with pure exits into space.   Straight from the published copy of my most recent science fiction novel, "Enforcers: Star Tribe Secrets", Malaskay is a region of land located on the Ivory Planet. Other works (to be released) from this planet include Gina's timeline, and "Vaults". For more of my worldbuilding content, visit my Writer's Cafe at

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