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Beckoners Mirror Moth "Ruspidar Itid"

An insect located primarily in cavern areas in and near the mountains of the southern continent, this creature is named for the strange camouflage developed to mimic the flat panel surfaces of the ancient Lendari ruins dotting the area. This sheen in the wings can often be as reflective as well-polished brass, and if the light catches them in a cave mouth at the right angle they resemble rows of candles leading down, hence the name beckoners.   Mirror moths have a Three segmented body. The head sports a four-leaved antenna and it has two larger appendages sprouting from its forward segment. These forward legs are elongated and fold at the elbow with two short claws for landing on the pivot point. The wings stretch from a long "pinky" claw and attach to the body just above the abdomen. Two shorter legs protrude just below the wing attachment area and can rotate 45 degrees for stability.   They are nectar collectors and pollinators, but due to both the altitude and the thick nature of nectar on Ivicris, they develop small hairs around the mouth area rather than an elongated proboscis. They have tension muscles in their thorax that take over arm manipulation in flight, and because they don't have dedicated appendages for flying, they must leap in order to become airborne. If grounded there is a second set of tension muscles in both sets of legs that allow them to clear several body lengths vertically from a crouched position.


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