Dark Mushroom

Dark Mushroom is a relatively new inhabitant of the forests of Yastr. It was first spotted about 200 years ago in the southern regions of the Efinian Empire. Mushroom's name came from it being completely black and looking like a sculpture made out of tar.

Many scholars have studied the Dark Mushrooms since their discovery. One of the most important infomation, as well as the scariest one, was that the mushrooms have a connection to the Etris, the goddess of darkness and chaos. Mages felt a breeze of dark magic when they analyzed a Dark Mushroom.

Those Dark Mushrooms are a sign! The darkness is returning to Yastr! We need to repent and beg Fonir to protect us! Repent!
— Priest of Fonir

Killer of Forests

Scholars observed that when there is a big concentration of Dark Mushrooms other plants and animals start to die and the ground turns grey and eventually black. It is theorized that those mushrooms are parasites that take all the nutrients from the soil and don't leave anything for the rest of the plants. Animals die mostly of hunger.

Priests from the Church of Tranquil Return say that the mushrooms are cursed and they are killing fauna and flora to prepare grounds for a new horde of monsters.

There is no time! We have to burn the Dark Mushrooms before they kill everything!
— Priest of Fonir
40 years
Average Height
25 - 30 cm
Geographic Distribution

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9 Jan, 2022 01:31

I really like the connection the mushroom has to religion. It's got to be quite terrifying to watch it suck all the life from around it.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
9 Jan, 2022 07:20

Thank you for the comment

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