Cult of Darkness

Cult of Darkness is a fringe religious group operating all over Ithir. They are concentrated on the worship of Etris and the Darkness. The gods' departure and disappearance of magic didn't weaken them as it did other religions. On the contrary, it strengthened their resolve. They say that the gods of light failed and it's time to give in to the Darkness.

I am a conduit. I am a servant. I cut loose my life and enter the ranks of the Darkness
— Pledge of Darkness

Granted Divine Powers

The cult has one of the few sources of magic left in Ithir. It is the so-called Eye of Darkness. It is a dark sphere from which the power of Darkness emanates. Each new recruit is taken to the Eye and receives power. Training and dedication allow them to develop this gift into a powerful weapon.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Cult of Darkness tries to get support in every country of Ithir. In their view the ends justify the means and are ready to do almost anything. Some people claim that the cult has agents in every government, but most people say that the cult hasn't reached that stage yet.

In Darkness we trust

Founding Date
In the Divine Era
Religious, Cult

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