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Kaddas's Floating Alehouse

Where the water meets the wine

On the sprawling dockyards of Port Hope, a rumor spreads from every downtrodden sailor and high-class bureaucrat; A rumor of a mysterious ship that sets up at midnight every night somewhere on the docks. It has booze, music, every Priscan of every standing arm-in-arm together as one, just for the night. In the morning it disappears never found by those who wish to stop it, but always by those looking for warmth and a drink. They speak of a Triton man running the ship who, even though, he is from an enemy land is welcomed and loved by those who sit in its rolling interior. Some have even heard the rumors back in Frotland and brave the waves of the Tyrennah Sea just for a taste of this floating oddity.

The Ship

  The ship itself is named "The Coral Expedition" and is a brig-sized ship going about 100 ft in length, she is made from an ashy but thick type of wood that travels fast and makes it stand out less on the horizon. An entire wall of the ship is able to be set down which reveals much of the interior which is lit by many small blue flames in lanterns all around. In the center is the bar adorned with shells, corals, aquatic treasures, alcohol (of course), and fine bottles that have in one way or another ended up in the sea. There are several small tables and chairs adorning the interior, all left unattached to the boat itself except for the bar stools which are firmly rooted in place, this means by the end of the night those found at tables find a way to end up on the ground. To the right, a small carved-out stage stands a foot up from the floor with the band playing every night without tiring. To the left of the room is a door leading into the kitchen where other crew members cook up fine seafood meals for the patrons. A ladder sits next to the bar which leads to the deck where much of the partying is found, and those who don't have their sea legs find themselves over the railing quickly sobering themselves.

The Crew


The Captain

Kaddas Zizega is an interesting man, a Triton pirate off the coast of Kuntoa with a bounty in nearly every coastal town in Prisca. Regardless of his criminal successes, he makes for an even better barkeep; he drinks with the best of them and talks to anyone that wishes to have his ear. He dives and collects oddities to present to both friend and patron and has tales upon tales to tell about his life even though appearing no more than 30.

The Band

Made up of a Goliath with her concertina, an Elf with his flute, a Water Genasi with their violin, and the leader a Human with her mandolin. They play jovial tunes that make anyone inside dance with crashing fervor and play slower sadder pieces that add reflection to the life at sea when the night is getting slower and quieter.

The Crow

A quiet and watchful younger dwarf keeps watch from the crow's nest, ringing a small bell when there seems to be trouble on the horizon letting those below set sail and leave as quickly as they came. He also acts as the head of security when drunks or those looking for a fight need to be sent off the bow.

The Hands

There are about 5 other members of the crew of varying backgrounds and appearances who rarely show their faces in the Alehouse proper. While at sea they act as normal crewmates going to and fro to make sure the ship is running. While it is a bar however they are usually found being cooks and enforcers, the more unseen workers of a tavern that make sure everything runs smooth.

The Menu

The Drink

The alcohol itself is very eclectic in nature, coming from local breweries, long lost bottles from ancient empires where none can even read the writing upon it, and even the occasional Frottish liquor which rarely leaves the local area in which it's made. Asking Kaddas about its whereabouts gives simply a laugh with no explanation or a prolonged tale of his heroics in acquiring that is clearly exaggerated. Other than the strange and rare Kaddas's always seems to have a healthy supply of cheap rum for those patrons less willing to turn their pockets out.

The Food

Keeping in theme with the coastal/pirate theme most of the meals that come out are seafood and usually, come with a hardtack-looking piece of bread that is surprisingly light compared to anything the average sailor has eaten. The seafood seems to be constantly rotating, most likely what the crew catches or can scrounge up from local sellers, and is always high quality, the rotating of the food means, even if you go once a night, you may never have the same 2 meals in the floating tavern.

The Secrets

  Other than the ship itself being the stuff of legend it holds a good number of secrets within its wave-eroded walls. Kaddas himself is something of a curio collector and for the right price he can pass on the less sentimental treasures from the depths, just make sure nothing you get, wraps around you, and pulls you down into the abyss. There are also a number of strange and extraneous tales, most of which are made up or from those who haven't even been to the ship just to get a laugh or a fright out of drinking buddies. Some even say however that the guards themselves look the other way because they too are patrons of the ship, that or Kaddas has better connections in the city and its council than he leads on.


Though there is much speculation and many varying answers from Kaddas and crewmates, no one really knows why they decided to start the Alehouse. Some believe the crew's bounties had gotten far too high while pirating and this is their way to slowly but surely pay them off without them getting any higher. Others believe it is a change in direction in life and out of moral or religious principle or change he decided to become better and make the world happier rather than sadder. Only Kaddas knows the real truth however, it was merely an impulse, his father was a barkeep and he thought he could do it too for the fun of it and it truly goes no deeper than that.
Founding Date
Docks of Port Hope   Average Customer Count
7-23 a night
"There I was knee-deep in the gore of the slain Aboleth, after ripping myself from its bulbous, stinking stomach. Though on edge I looked upon what riches this hunt would bestow, and this...is what I found"  -"True" story from Kaddas while presenting a somewhat beautiful necklace with Triton design.

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Mar 29, 2022 17:52

Kaddas sounds like a swell fellow, and the idea of a boat bound tavern mainly dealing in seafood, and rare wines and ales is definitely a welcome treat. Considering how much I love seafood, I have a soft spot for this one.

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Mar 31, 2022 16:04

A very interesting and entertaining idea. Were the crew pirates beforehand, and if so are they still wanted some place's for their crimes? (you mentioned bounties, but this is never really made clear, at least from my read.)   On the description of the interior, are there any tables and chairs, and if so are they bolted to the deck, as one might expect from a ship, or can they be moved? Perhaps they are on lockable rails as a sort of in-between.   Overall you did a good job, I enjoyed reading about the crew and the tales of getting the booze. (as an aside, a quote by Kaddas or someone else giving a brief example of one of the exaggerated stories would add a lot to an article, giving it a little something extra)

Updated soon.
Mar 31, 2022 23:24

Thanks for reading and I'll take the advice to heart without adding too much extra text.