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370 P.A., the 1st of Aponlius, in Spring

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Iterante, a world ravaged and torn by magic. A world in many placed that has outlawed the use of such mysterious power. Whether obtained through a learned practice, given to by a divine power, or naturally gifted from an origin, magic in this world is feared, yet kept close.   It is a world for the most lustful adventurers: curious minds, iron-heart warriors, mischievous hands, and even the most isolated hermit can yearn for great travels. Although dangerous mysterious, the world can be beautiful. From the lush vibrant forests of eastern Scusciel in the Numaerian Pass, all the way to the chilling winds of the white covered peaks that make up the ancient elven nation Alpenfrost in the far north.   Each and every nation or untamed land offers a wide variety of experiences ranging from its wildlife, fauna, geography, people, but most of all, each locations history relating to the next and its inhabitants.   Every step you take is another step towards and unknown. If you turn this corner will you die a tragic death, find an ancient relic of the past, or walk along a predestined divine path? Who knows until you actually move forward. so adventurer, what will your story be?

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