The Veritas Crown

Do you realise how annoying it gets to wear a crown everywhere? Why in the hells could it not have been a ring?
  There can never be a question of who is next to rule when an artifact exists to declare that person to all who can see. The Veritas Crown is one such artifact, crafted and enchanted exclusively for the heir to the Aletheian Empire. At the time of the Emperor's death, the crown's gemstones burn with golden flame to alert the intended heir of their impending coronation. It remains with them until their coronation as Emperor or Empress, and is then presented to the new heir.   It was first crafted in the third millennia of the Age of Arcanum after a set of royal twins were born. The Empress at the time didn't wish to determine the heir arbitrarily and instead sought out the advice of Altanluu. The golden dragon bid her to summon forth blacksmiths, jewellers, and enchanters from the corners of Aletheia, and instructed them to construct a crown befitting the nation's heirs past and present. At its final stage, a priestess of Sarenrae blessed the completed crown with power drawn from the sun-goddess herself as Altanluu stored within it a fragment of purest dragonfyre. Whilst this imbued the crown with incredible protection, it then became a tradition for each Emperor or Empress to reinforce the crown further as part of their coronation in whatever means they were capable of.   The exact enchantments laid upon the crown are unknown, but the crown itself is public knowledge. The current heir is intended to wear it openly and proudly, allowing the nation's people to meet them and recognise them as a future sovereign. Unfortunately - but understandably - Cyne Undria does the exact opposite: it is almost always concealed with a strong invisibility spell. Given the nature of the previous heir's death and the low opinion many hold of the tiefling, few protest his decision.   Circumstances of the Veritas Crown's most recent passing
In the year 5621, the Veritas Crown was found on the floor next to the body of Albion Aletheia and his son Artair. They had been assassinated by an unknown assailant in the middle of the night, allegedly by a dark cult that Albion had recently disdained in public. Despite the group's dismantling and interrogation, the identity of the assassin remains unknown.


Signifies the rightful heir to the Empire. May only leave the possession of the heir through death or ineligibility.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
Largely constructed from gold and celestial-blessed mythril. Its gemstones are drawn from the four corners of Aletheia, and signify each region's importance.

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