The Lost Ones

Where adventurers travel, there is sure to be trouble. This is no less true for the group known as the Lost Ones, despite all of their attempts to maintain a stable existence in the world of Istralar.   The Lost Ones were established at first as a nameless group in Port Amarin after the local guard captain, Iryani Lilan, forced Vanbrute Ironbeard - who had been sentenced to a period of community service in the port after being expelled from Dhun Volkulgar for his overenthusiastic interrogation of a teenager - to deal with a group of smugglers.   The elven archer Azyel Lathronon and his orcish companion Nazu volunteered to assist, as did the amnesiac aasimar bard Ashlyn Alarian, the halfling druid Kraia Woodslough and her pet beaver Artemis, and the gunslinging human mercenary, Cid La Flaga.   When they first set forth on this journey, none of them had any cause to predict the events of what would follow.  

Changes to the Group

  Ashlyn Alarian has trained as a paladin in order to protect her fiancée, Mery Eventide, whom she rescued from a dungeon in Port Amarin (the very same in which the party met Kazric Szithna). She has also been chosen as a Champion of Sarenrae and regained her memories through a specialised ritual performed at Celesthem Temple. Ashlyn has learnt that her true identity is as a princess of the Aletheian Empire from some thousand years prior to the current day who was kidnapped by villains from Ordan and thought dead, and has been acknowledged as such by Emperor Asterion of Aletheia. Her parents, a former Empress and her knightly consort, left her a letter and number of their belongings in case she ever returned - she has since recovered these.   Aniks Alas'thil was originally a simple drow bartender that the party encountered in Port Amarin who had no cause to reveal his fighting talents. After vampires struck at Vanbrute's appeal for freedom and killed a number of the audience, he joined the partly briefly and travelled with them towards the Sylvancliffs. However, tragedy struck on the way: the party obtained Elven Ale from an odd couple and Aniks, thinking little of it, drank some. Through some odd twist of fate, the ale caused him to disappear for some time. He was met once again when the party travelled to Ilendras to confront rumours of life-stealing energies that were destroying Serendel Forest and joined forces with them to ensure diplomacy with the drow of Yuethin'tar went well. He was the one to stop the party from killing the vetala vampire Celuriel Geltharieth and quickly formed an odd friendship with the girl, who was forced to drink his memories to maintain her sanity in her imprisonment by the group. Many months later, he was able to guide her back to true life thanks to the intervention of a strange entity in Tenaerul, and the two have now commenced a romantic relationship. He has also since become the Champion of Pharasma.   Azyel began suffering a series of narcoleptic episodes and, alongside his younger sister Liese Celadrion, retired to Celesthem Temple. His partner-in-combat, Amara, grew worried at his extended absence and requested that the party retrieve him; they did so with little issue, and he returned to aid them in taking Ironfalls, where he remains. He has since opened up a bar opposite that of Aniks Alas'thil and helps Vanbrute with matters of security by providing enchanted items.   Celuriel Geltharieth was originally the party's enemy. When looking for a place to establish their home base, the group stumbled upon the Geltharieth family home without realising what they had found. They cleared most of the undead out of the place and destroyed most of the literature, but Celuriel surrendered instead of fighting. Despite her status as a vetala vampire, they spared her. She provided them with information on the tower's other inhabitants - her mother had become an undead abomination in the name of Urgathoa and her sister was a lich - and finally aided them in fleeing the tower after Ludrissiel activated its security features and fled. She travelled with them as a companion for months, learning how to truly live life and forming a close friendship with Aniks Alas'thil thanks to him being willing to help her survive (by feeding her his memories). Despite being imprisoned in Hell for a short time by Pin Whisperbreath's accidental deal with the devil Meretrixia, Celuriel is on reasonable terms with the party at this point. She has also been restored to her original form of an elf thanks to the magics of Tenaerul, though now worries that her sister will come after the group for it.   Cid La Flaga is the party member with the most literal change. On the way to Fort Kildaine for the Ironfalls assault, an umbral dragon likely sent by the antipaladin Riven Drast attacked the party's wagon-train. Cid was not lucky enough to survive the encounter, and the dragon escaped with its life. Kraia Woodslough rushed to his side and performed the Reincarnate spell, restoring him to life - but as a ghoran instead of a human. He has taken this in stride. He was able to kill his lifelong enemy, Ruben Goldblood, in Fort Kildaine to finally avenge his destroyed village and fallen friends, and has been enjoying the company of various women as the party travels around. Most recently, he and Saeryn Ki'renna have developed a friendly rivalry on the battlefield and a more-than-friendly rapport in the bedroom.   Cyne Undria [tbc]   Kazric Szithna has entered the Void. [tbc]   Kraia Woodslough [tbc]   Licia Galewen [tbc]   Lirien [tbc]   Vanbrute originally retired to Dhun Volkulgar with his live-in partner Kazric Szithna, but returned to the group to help capture Fort Kildaine and convert it into Ironfalls. This saved him from House V'drath's takeover of the Dhun and from the eruption of Mount Elendûr. He now serves as one of the chief security staff of Ironfalls and greatly enjoys being one of the only figures respected by his dwarven kin and by their racial enemy, the drow. The disappearance of Kazric Szithna is something he refuses to talk about, though it obviously upsets him to think of.


  • One (1) fort and the surrounding area; this is Fort Kildaine and the town of Ironfalls.
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    Adventuring Party
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