The Iceflows

Walking across the mountains? Hypothermia and death. Flying over the mountains? Dragons and death. Teleportation? Eh, might get disintegrated by a freak magical storm - you know, the kind of thing that causes death. Mining underground? Might blow up, killing you.   Someone had to come up with an alternative, so thank the gods for Kolyad Morozan!
  In the days of the Divine Era, Gildómar's dominance had spread across much of Iskaldhal. Though the Worldrend and subsequent Arcane Era eroded Gildón power to the small area it now holds, alliances of both trade and military have necessitated cross-country travel for thousands of years. These journeys have never been easy. Brutality reigns king on Iskaldhal.   In the early 2900s, the Gildón dwarf Kolyad Morozan had enough of the senseless deaths through travel and with the help of the nation's mages and miners, created the Iceflows: a frozen system of cave tunnels through which abjuration-shielded sledges rocket at breakneck speeds. Though the system was, at first, too ambitious for most of Gildómar to wish to try, an outbreak of frost giant attacks on travellers soon changed their minds.   Surprisingly, despite the incredible speeds and unstable nature of ice, the Iceflows have had very few accidents. Only three deaths have occurred through faulty equipment: all other incidents were either malpractice, or breaches of the Iceflows by malevolent forces. Even those occurrences decreased as the Iceflows began expanding outside of simply Gildómar: they now serve many large cities across Iskaldhal, but permits now must be obtained before utilising them to travel long distances or between countries.

Power Generation

Crystals encrusting the bottom of each sledge generate power from friction and ambient magic as they travel, and also receive extra power from mages stationed around the Flows.


Propelled with a large amount of evocation magic, most of it related to force.

Communication Tools & Systems

Each sledge is equipped with a spell allowing emergency communication in case of error or attack.


Varies per traveller.
5cp each
1sp each
Divine mages
2sp each
Arcane mages
5sp each
1g per caravan
Adventuring groups
2g each
the Flows, the Tube
On wings of steel, we glide.
Up to 140km/h
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Max of 6 to a sledge.


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