The Fairy Ring of Tir Difyrrwch

To those whom life has long since passed by... we offer you a new beginning. Bear your hearts, and if they are not yet black, we shall free you of your shackles.
  Serendel Forest is oft thought of as a harmless woodland that the elves of Ilendras claim total dominion over, with only rare interference from the drow of Yuethin'tar serving to break said peace. Some travellers foolishly believe these whispers, and set off on their respective journeys utterly unprepared for the realities lurking within the forest.   The easternmost reaches are relatively peaceful. The only dragons are pseudodragons - signs of fey habitat, not that most travellers realise this - and younger greens, and the other aggressive fauna is all relatively mundane (unless one is unlucky enough to wander into the domain of infamous lich Ludrissiel). This, unfortunately, perpetuates the myths surrounding the forest's depths.   No elf - or drow, for that matter - will ever speak lightly of the myths, for they know the cause of their spread. It's always the fey. Of course it's the fey. In most cases, the fey find it utterly hilarious to kidnap hapless wanderers into the elusive First World, known more commonly as 'fairyland'. That way, they may trick the commonfolk into spending eternity with them through their obscure rules of etiquette and strange pacts.   But Tir Difyrrwch is not your standard glade, nor is the Ring one that seeks to entrap. The fey who guard this place do not don the bright colours traditionally worn by their kin, nor do they seek to attack those who approach with the malice held by the more twisted fey. Instead, they wear simple shades of grey. Instead, they offer solace to those who've fallen down a path and see no end in sight.   It isn't known what happens to those who accept this offer. The faeries guarding this sacred place hold the identity of their contracted closely to their chests, and none are ever seen exiting from their ring. It is assumed, however, that those who enter meet one of two fates: either they allow the fey to change them completely and thus start their life over, or they are granted the mercy of death.  
Though little is known about the Fairy Ring, or about Tir Difyrrwch itself, it can reasonably be assumed that this granting of mercy can be attributed to the Eldest - and more specifically, to the Lost Prince. The Prince holds an air of neutrality in all things, but has previously been known to assist the depressed. Additionally, Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia has publicly mentioned supporting those who seek comfort in the arms of this Eldest - allowing his followers a small quarter in his Empire would, as follows, be entirely within his character.


Tir Difyrrwch is a small fey town that extends through a fairy ring into a small glade within Serendel Forest, but is largely located inside the First World. The fairy ring itself is apparent due to the distinct lack of flowers and other plants surrounding it - all have withdrawn from the circle itself.
Alternative Name(s)
the Ring of New Beginnings, the Prince's Bequest
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