The Eagle's Shadows

The content of this article has been heavily redacted and edited. Proceed with caution.   The Eagle's Shadows are an organisation that seems to focus heavily on the acquisition of knowledge. Little is known about their motives or actions, but it is said that they have lasted for millennia undetected by the public eye. In shadier circles, their name is whispered in fear - rumours state they have been responsible for many high-profile killings, and that they are the cause of the destruction of many overambitious groups who allegedly threatened the balance of nations.   The only reason they're known of at all is due to their occasional slip-up. Most famously, their acquisition of ██████████ in the Vostene Republic was halted by the famed Vosteni adventurer Settimo Damiani. Upon being thrown through the ceiling of the building by a cultist of Rovagug bent on destroying the Republic's capital, Settimo wasted no time in assuming the robed figures carrying ██████████ were also dastardly fiends and attempted to murder them. He was unsuccessful, only managing to retrieve part of a pendant, but the pendant was enough for the Shadows to be implicated. As Settimo's attempts to track them down further stopped suddenly, it can only be assumed that he is no longer distrustful of their motives.



Public Agenda

The only public statement known regarding their agenda, made by an unidentifiable man in the alleys of Ordan, is simply:   "We seek - and guard - knowledge. Even that is saying too much."   Many of those who caught this event live report strange memory loss surrounding it.
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the Shadows, the Eagles
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