Talindë Ae'tharis

Scion Talindë Ae'tharis, Champion of Seren (a.k.a. Thalsam) (he/him)

Why did you decide to pick staves, Faluinë? Was a sword not-- ah! Okay! I'll stop!
Kurath Ae'tharis
  Talindë Ae'tharis is the elven Scion of House Ae'tharis and - perhaps more importantly - the Champion of both Seren and her counterpart Marvaeth. He is considered the master of the Sceptre of Aetharis and controls access to the realm of Aetharis that the Sceptre represents; though he initially stole the Sceptre from his father, he has since been accepted among its favourite masters.   Talindë has changed significantly in recent times due to the trauma adventuring has brought him, and though many of the changes concern him, he is most thankful for the sudden shift in his life's path. For without this, he would not have found Burdyr Donderiall - his dearest love and closest friend, his confidant and his light in the darkest of times.   As a faithful follower of Seren, Talindë seeks to restore his Lady to her full power and banish the dark shade of Marvaeth from this reality - but as a Champion, he understands that his duty must sometimes be to the world at large first, rather than to his Lady. His initial attempt to use the Sceptre of Aetharis to return Seren to life was foiled by the interference of the Lost Ones, who revealed the incredible danger of what he'd been attempting - for Marvaeth had been corrupting the ritual from within - and instead requested his aid with their own task. Though reluctant, he acquiesced, and has since been travelling as part of their party.   The Sceptre has been an intriguing experience for him. At first, it was uncontrollable, altering time and space at a whim to protect him and do as it pleased. With the addition of pauldrons designed to tame it, the Sceptre's powers have been far easier to wield. He spends a great deal of time within the realm of Aetharis, speaking to its avatar - whom he considers a member of his own family - and studying the wealth of knowledge locked away in her realm.   The confrontation with the Unbroken March lead to him accidentally being trapped in the Sceptre for the three years of time the Lost Ones skipped; for Talindë, this was five years of lived time due to the Sceptre's odd relationship to causality. The break from reality and the solitude it granted left permanent scars on Talindë, even if it did also grant him a much closer relationship to the Sceptre; only recently has Burdyr begun to repair the damage.   Talindë prefers to keep quiet about his own past in favour of keeping his eyes firmly set on the task at hand - he rarely speaks of his family or history, even when it might be relevant. This proved awkward when Galasthin sent nobles - including his ex-fiancée, Runaia In'tharon - after him due to his grave injury at the hands of the Light Rampant in Eckehart Mansion. Whilst he had survived brightbleed due to the Sceptre's intervention and the party's swift action - and gotten together with Burdyr in the aftermath - the Sceptre's alarm had alerted his kin to the danger, and it was only through careful talk that he was able to continue travelling.

Physical Description

Body Features

Though he's covered much of it with armour, he does have lightly tanned skin with yellow undertones. On his wrists lie the Champion Marks of Seren, standing out from the sea of blue crystal as shining engravings and sparkling gems. Beneath his armour, crystals have delicately entwined themselves around much of his flesh - not that he's shared this information with anyone - to replace skin with calm shimmering blue. A few gems can now be seen crawling up his neck, though he doesn't seek to draw attention to them. He finds them fascinating and recognises that they grant him an extra layer of protection.

Facial Features

His face is narrow and angled, as many elven faces typically are, and a light dusting of silvery-blonde stubble graces his jawline (accompanied by the beginnings of a beard).

Identifying Characteristics

No other is quite so attached to crystal as Talindë is (literally), and nobody else can claim to bear Seren's champion marks either.   Nor can anyone claim to have Marvaeth's Champion Mark. Not that Talindë would ever willingly show it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the Party

Little is known of Talindë's early years, owing to the elf's preference of privacy and the lack of prying anyone has done. He has spoken, on rare occasions, of fighting in battles and serving alongside other military forces - but has apparently never seen fit to give context to most.   Recently, he has explained more of his life to Burdyr. He grew up as the Scion to House Ae'tharis, regarded well by his fellows, and was particularly close to the Scions of In'tharon and Tu'rainen - specifically, Runaia In'tharon and Kesserin Tu'rainen. Despite the age gap, he and his brother were also quite close: where Talindë was more restrained, Kurath was not, and Talindë claims that his own mischievous streak is caused by the combination of Kesserin's antics with Kurath's pranks.   He and Runaia agreed to get engaged shortly after they had reached adulthood when their parents asked if they would do so; their relationship had been shy and flirtatious, but quickly grew passionate. Many of Talindë's friends in Galasthin can recall all too many embarrassing moments their relationship caused -- kisses they'd walked in on, or worse. But it did not remain happy. As they grew older and their paths diverged, Runaia grew more controlling, and Talindë sought to do all he could to please her. The combination turned abusive, and after the events of the Purge, Talindë broke off the engagement in anger. Many in Galasthin believe the engagement to still be on; the announcement of his engagement to Burdyr Donderiall in front of an audience of his Scion peers has certainly caused chatter in Galasthin's political and gossip circles.   Talindë fought in the Purge, to his own displeasure. His bodycount is not one he is proud of, but he can at least claim to have tried to help: even at great cost to himself. His greatest regret is that he could not save more -- nor could he convince his fellows, or even his father, to end the slaughter once it turned foul. Still, he holds great respect for Commander Lyadrí An'thimael, and is one of the few who does not hold the genocidal turn of the Purge against the well-meaning Commander. It helps that he was friends with her husband prior to his fall.  

Becoming a Champion

Talindë became a Champion earlier in the year 5623, after Galasthin's nobility ordered the investigation of the Temple of Duality. The noble house of Ae'tharis were often charged with the upkeep and defence of magical ruins, and this was no different a situation - perhaps barring Talindë's own personal interest as a warpriest of Seren. In the course of the investigation, he became separated from his team and fell into a trapped chamber. Only the timely intervention of his goddess - who blessed him with Her champion mark and a warning to turn around - saved him from a warped creature that might otherwise have ended him.   His brother was the only member of House Ae'tharis to know what had happened as Kurath assisted Talindë in researching the mark's effects. Very shortly after, apparently due to the whispers he'd heard in dreams, Talindë made use of the Mark to steal the Sceptre of Aetharis and returned to the Temple to free Seren from her self-made prison. Only the intervention of the Lost Ones stopped him, and Ashlyn Alarian instead asked him to join them on their mission to stop the Shards of the Void and thus save the world.

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to restore Seren to her rightful glory in spite of what that might mean for his own life.


Family Ties

Has mentioned at least one younger brother, Kurath Ae'tharis, and has spoken in passing of the noble family he grew up in.

Religious Views

Talindë has been a faithful adherent of Seren for many long years, appreciating her value of life and harmony over the other members of the elven pantheon. Since he first learnt her story as a child, he has seen it as inherently wrong that Galasthin's society ceased worshipping Seren in fear of the influence Marvaeth could spread. He draws his powers as a warpriest from his worship of her - and if he chooses not to mention that negative energy comes as willingly as its opposite, then that remains his own business alone.

Social Aptitude

After five years of isolation, Talindë's social graces have somewhat disintegrated. Whereas he has always been quieter and more reserved, his stoicism now presents itself with full force. The real world is far more overwhelming in noise and life than the Sceptre's own demiplane, and the group he travels with have little to no sense of propriety.   That being said, in more familiar surroundings with those he's comfortable with, Talindë is more than happy to fall back on his quiet confidence and charisma to provide compassionate advice and firm friendship. Though his virtues are ironclad - to the possible disappointment of both Kraia Woodslough and Burdyr Donderiall - he doesn't insist on remaining 'above' the others like certain other elves might, and will allow himself to be convinced into many sillier approaches if the right method of persuasion is used.



Friend (Important)

Towards Talindë Ae'tharis



Talindë Ae'tharis

Friend (Important)

Towards Azsire



Talindë Ae'tharis

Partner (Vital)

Towards Burdyr Donderiall



Burdyr Donderiall

Partner (Vital)

Towards Talindë Ae'tharis



Talindë is an elven warpriest that was formerly the heir to an ancient noble family of Galasthin. He has since embraced his role as Champion of Seren and now travels with the Lost Ones to aid them.

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Neutral Good
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Champion of both Seren and Marvaeth.
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5477 EA 149 Years old
Bright blue.
Long silver-blond hair kept half-up in a ponytail; lately, the blond has all but disappeared.
Follows Seren and thus also Marvaeth
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