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Shaping Up: Slang of Polyhedra

Did you see that polygon?! Her extrusions were so... spherical! Geometry REALLY blessed her!
  I do hope you understand the struggle that writing this article has been.   Greetings, cube. I am Uxxes Cubohemioctahedron, one of the many clerks handling relations with the rectangular visitors to Compilation. It has occurred to the Spherical that most cubes enter Polyhedra without any knowledge of our clever grasp of Common and thus end up taking offence to our native customs. I have been asked to create a document to inform you of some of the differences.  

Common Phrases

  Though there are many ways I could teach these, listing them all seems to be the most axiomatic.  
This term refers to any outsider, regardless of race, that has no affiliation with any geographical shape.
Term of honour and praise. Usually only used in reference to the Spherical, e.g. "What sort of sphere sent you to me, you blessed circular?
Generic insulting term for Polyhedral Gnomes. Implies our personalities are 2D. Usually used by teens trying to be edgy.
Similar in meaning to general Common usage - anything not usually done or that balances on the 'edge' of being acceptable.
Crass method of referring to parts of another person, particularly in relation to breasts and buttocks.
Means 'similar' or, offensively, 'copycat' e.g. "Your work is fantastic! Prismic to mine, even."
Used in the same manner as 'idiot' or 'dense' when used for a person. Used to mean sturdy and unbreakable when used for objects.
Used to mean someone or something is special and different. Not a cruel word: being irregular is a good thing.
Obedient, essentially.
Snub cube
A cube that has integrated properly into Polyhedral culture is given this as their name to reflect their origin and acceptance.
Deified and beloved former Spherical of Polyhedra that defined the parameters of the nation. Now often used in place of deific exclamations, e.g. Great Euclid, where are your vertices?!
Calling someone plane is saying they are nothing but eternal flatness without form. Needless to say, it gets outsiders killed if confused with 'plain'.
  Other phrases relating to shapes are common. A simple way of deriving their meaning can be learnt - imagine the shape or geometrical term in question, and apply it to whom it was directed towards. Referring to a woman's bosom as 2D is, unsurprisingly, a gross insult that many powerful polyhedrals will respond to with either magic or blades. Use of mathematical terms has recently become more popular, as well: informing somebody that you wish to 'practice your multiplication' is an incredibly forward sexual innuendo.   Do try to remember this information during your stay in Polyhedra! Don't forget: cube is not a term of offence!
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