Family Funtimes

General Summary

The party decided to travel into House Alas'thil's family mansion whilst disguised as drow. They failed to disarm a magical trap, but continued on through. Bypassing a series of family portraits, one of which they identified as a blood-spattered and torn image of a younger Aniks, they failed to maintain their disguise when Lirien accidentally apologised for her misstep to a drow woman. Aniks's identification of himself as a champion didn't matter to her, and she set off an alarm, removing herself from the invaders.   After a brief fight with an ooze-man and discovery of a study and bathroom, Aniks ran into his sister in a musicroom, and promptly shut the rest of the party out of the room aside from Kraia (who had turned into a bat and hidden herself in the rafters). Vastestra, the younger sister, didn't recognise him until he prompted her to remember. Aniks wanted to speak to the rest of the family, so she called in his brother and older sister, citing their mother's (who'd become Matriarch in Aniks's absence) illness as a reason for her absence and heavily hinting that she was going to pass away soon.   After a moment of being disgusted OOC at the incestuous relationship between his younger siblings, Aniks offered to allow one of them to become Andirifkhu's champion in his stead in exchange for details on Alysia's location and captors. They refused to believe him at first, so he let Andirifkhu possess him - when he came to, the two younger siblings had visible wounds, and all three were in agreement. The younger two left, and the elder gave him three files containing what he needed. He warned her against betraying him, and she warned him that the Bloodwalker needed a Champion for his plans... and already had one, too. After taking that in, he left to check the plans with the rest of the party in the study they'd previously found.

Rewards Granted

1 x Dossier on Riven Drast, the 'Bloodwalker'   1 x Dossier on the Matriarch of House Umbra   1 x Plan detailing entrance into the basement of Castle Umbra

Missions/Quests Completed

Successfully obtained data on the Matriarch of House Umbra, Riven Drast and the location of Alysia Undria. Also successfully reunited Aniks with his family.

Character(s) interacted with

Cyne Undria (tiefling nightblade, empire's heir)   Celuriel Geltharieth (vetala oracle)   Yiranna (tiefling cleric)   Vasestra Alas'thil (younger sister of Aniks)   Rikzyr Alas'thil (younger brother of Aniks)   Nivinle Alas'thil (older sister of Aniks)   Mysterious elven woman (rescued and placed with Ashlyn in Cyne's dimension)

The party eventually realised, in OOC discussion, that it was probably at least partially a trap.
Report Date
11 Feb 2018


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