Celuriel Geltharieth

Champion of Magdh Celuriel Valeria Geltharieth (a.k.a. Celu)

When one spends their entire life locked away in a tower with a deranged mother and power-hungry sister, they develop an extremely odd view of life in general. Celu is a former vetala vampire who, despite being centuries old, has spent precious little of her time interacting with the real world - most of her knowledge comes from her home's library, giving her a particularly warped set of morals and a horrible understanding of emotions. The fact that she was undead for most of those centuries (and had to endure the effects of negative energy on her mind) didn't help.   When the party first encountered her, she was incredibly passive, uncaring for anything but her own safety - not even worrying about her own family members, nor displaying grief at her mother's death. However, over the past few months with the party, she's been managing to learn a little more about interaction, particularly thanks to Aniks Alas'thil. Whilst it's been a long process, she has begun to understand things that she wants, likes and dislikes, and has been taught about the necessity of things such as different clothing and impulse control. Now that she's been restored to life, she has begun the process of learning how to keep herself alive - this has not been easy for the ex-vampire.   Even in life, Celu deals with secretive factors that make it hard for her to truly seem normal. She is an oracle, and thus stands both cursed and blessed by the divine. Unlike most oracles, Celu is privileged to seemingly receive glimpses of something other than the future (though usually keeps this information to herself). When she was undead, this was part of why she took it upon herself to protect Aniks from his hunters - that, and she felt a strong sense of loyalty to him. Aniks was the party member that willingly took responsibility for her safety and freedom, and also allowed her to feed on his memories to sate her vampiric hunger. She doesn't think it surprising that she feels closer to him than any other, but until she was restored to life, didn't truly understand the extent of these feelings. Now that her emotions are back in full force, she's able to realise that it's not just a sense of loyalty. The romance novels she's borrowed from various sources have helped her learn that it's actually a form of love. It's taking her time to understand the extent of it, but even so, she and Aniks have established a relationship.   As a vetala, her jet-black hair served to accentuate her deathly pallor and her eyes were a dull crimson. Now that she has been revived, her hair has returned to a dark brown and her eyes have become a warm honey-gold. Her sister had been jealous of her appearance when they were children, and that jealousy lead to Celuriel's death by Ludrissiel's hand. Thankfully, Aniks and the Lost Ones were eventually able to rescue her from this fate and restore her to life.   She still wishes to see her sister again, though no longer wants to return to her side. She'd like to see her sister restored to life and sanity so that they might have a normal relationship. Unfortunately, she suspects it's more likely that she'll simply be killed by 'Drissi' and once again raised as an undead creature. She just hopes that if this occurs, Aniks will at least be permitted to stay with her in some manner.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Painfully thin, even now. A litany of scars mar her chest, but their pale colour means they're barely noticeable. Incredibly faint scars litter the area around her eyes. The green three-pointed knot that represents her current patron, Magdh, lies on her wrist.

Body Features

White, grey-toned skin accompanies jet-black silky hair. Her breasts aren't large, nor are they particularly small: she's fairly average there. Her nails jut out into claws when she wills them to do so.

Facial Features

Longer heart-shaped face, dark lips and darker eyes, with the graceful and refined features of an elf. Her ears are long and pointed, though often get partially hidden by her hair. She appears slightly younger than one expects from an adult elf, and generally seems quite shy in demeanour.

Identifying Characteristics

Her most prominent scar is the one over her heart, and no other being in the world can wear the Champion Mark that sits on her wrist.

Physical quirks

Unnaturally perfect posture. Walks extremely quietly and smoothly so as not to be noticed. When in battle, she takes a fighting stance even though she now tries to stay towards the back of the battlefield.

Special abilities

She's an Oracle, and hides her curse from the party as best she can. Her spells used to revolve around pain, illusion, necromancy and stealth, but changed upon her resurrection. Nowadays, she wields time-related spells.

Apparel & Accessories

Prefers darker colours, but usually doesn't care beyond that. Allows Aniks and the rest of the party to decide what she wears, mostly. Has lately developed a taste for pirate-style clothes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to necromancer parents, Celuriel watched her father disappear and her mother be transformed into a necromantic beast in servitude to the goddess Urgathoa (assisted by her elder sister, Ludrissiel). She helped her sister to transform into a lich, mostly unknowingly/unwillingly, only for Ludrissiel to slay her as part of a dark ritual and raise her as a vetala vampire. Celu has never shared the ritual's purpose nor result with any, and keeps the scar hidden.   Until the party came upon her and decided to spare her, Celuriel had never stepped out of the tower (that she remembered). After making a pact with the party to ensure her safety, she helped teleport them away from the tower. Aniks decided to help her and has been allowing her to feed from him, and they have become quite close.



Mental Trauma

Intense mental damage inflicted by her family members over years, worsened by her own magics. Uncontrollable future visions. Depression. Isolates herself as much as possible. Tends to blame herself for things that go wrong unless there's someone else to scapegoat. Bad at responsibility.

Morality & Philosophy

Celu's morals revolve mostly around herself and the few thing she sees as hers, though she's gradually learning what is and isn't acceptable.


Threatening to harm something of hers will result in daggers.

Personality Characteristics


She helps those who help her, and wants to become strong enough to stand on an equal level to Ludrissiel.

Likes & Dislikes

Has recently discovered a love for cats and a dislike for conversations in languages she doesn't understand. Very much enjoys reading fiction, especially that revolving around romance or other aspects she never got to experience before. Also likes sharp objects (such as daggers).

Virtues & Personality perks

Apathetic in most situations. Despite her quiet nature, she can be very convincing if she wants to be.

Vices & Personality flaws

Overprotective of Aniks to murderous levels.

Personality Quirks

Tends to underestimate how much pain things will cause. This leads to her throwing daggers at people who annoy her without realising it's a problem for them.


Still re-learning how hygiene works.


Family Ties

Parents were Ulsaron Geltharieth and Sidriel Geltharieth. Both are deceased; Ulsaron was slain by The Keepers of Divinity, and Sidriel fell to the party when they first met Celu. Ludrissiel Geltharieth, her older sister and a powerful lich, is her only known remaining relative.

Religious Views

Doesn't seem to care much for deities outside of Pharasma, whom she now respects. She was taken as Magdh's champion, but has had little interaction with the fey Eldest beyond what she's seen in her visions and dreams.

Social Aptitude

Despite being incredibly charismatic if she needs to be, she's very introverted and withdrawn in social situations. She usually lets the party do any talking.

Hobbies & Pets

Has one kitten. Has not come up with a name for it yet.   Her hobbies include existing, following Aniks around and constantly experiencing new things.


Speaks very quietly with a Serendel accent. Slips into Elven if she's not focusing.


Aniks Alas'thil

Partner (Vital)

Towards Celuriel Geltharieth



Celuriel Geltharieth

Partner (Vital)

Towards Aniks Alas'thil




After rescuing her from the necromancer's tower she'd lived in all her life, Aniks volunteered to let her sustain herself from his memories. She managed to retain her sanity through his act of kindness. However, he didn't leave it there. Aniks became the first person she truly cared for and considered a friend over the course of many adventures and months, and when she was stolen away by the devil Meretrixia, he went as far as contacting a goddess and diving into Tenaerul to save her. It is only through his care that she has now had true life restored to her and no longer has to live as a vampire. In addition, the two have recently confessed romantic feelings for one another.

Relationship Reasoning

Aniks cares for her and wants to see her live life, since she didn’t have much of one to begin with.   Celu hasn't felt like this towards anyone before and isn't sure what it all means, but wants to try this new thing called 'love' even if it gets her killed by her sister. Happiness is nice, and she's not going to give it up easily.

Legal Status


Ludrissiel Geltharieth

Sister (Important)

Towards Celuriel Geltharieth



Celuriel Geltharieth

Sister (Vital)

Towards Ludrissiel Geltharieth




The sisters have a complicated relationship. Ludrissiel, as the elder sister, was always jealous of Celuriel. Celuriel, meanwhile, never felt like she could live up to Ludrissiel's example. That their mother tried to force both girls to excel in their father's memory only worsened the situation.   When Ludrissiel reached

Wealth & Financial state

Doesn't have much coin of her own other than what she's earnt whilst travelling with the party. Has no idea what to do with this.

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True Neutral
Current Location
The Endless Archive
Serendel Forest
Biological Sex
Her sense of sexuality has been entirely warped by the environment she grew up in. She is attracted to Aniks, but doesn't understand that attraction much.
Golden, formerly crimson.
Long, straight, and very dark brown in colour.
Aligned Organization
The Lost Ones
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Infernal, Abyssal, Necril, and Aklo. Learnt Undercommon recently through Lingustics.
Another picture of Celu.


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