Bahamut's Whisper

Mortal beings state that the deities Apsu, Tiamat, and Dahak were those that created the metallic and chromatic dragons. They are not wrong, but if that was the case alone - what common thread bound Apsu and Tiamat? Which being created the other forms of dragon - primal, planar, outer, esoteric, and imperial - or the parents of these strange and oft obscure species? The answer lies only in draconic whisperings and long-lost stories.   The answer is the true king of dragonkind: the lord Bahamut.
  Any fragment or item relating to the lord Bahamut is incredibly rare to come across without dying horrifically to the dragon that lays claim to said item. Knowledge of Bahamut himself is usually limited exclusively to draconic scholars who are lucky enough to either come into contact with the reclusive deity, or who stumble upon some of the few artifacts of his that rest on Istralar's surface.   One of such artifacts that has become known to man is Bahamut's Whisper. This immense golden warhorn is engraved with one of few remaining depictions of the King of Dragons, and was said to once crown the tall peak of Kuyuthan. On sunny days, the light reflecting on the Whisper was almost enough to give the impression of a second sun hanging in the sky. Using the great warhorn was possible by blowing or yelling into it, though lungs carrying the strength of a dragon were needed for any significant effect. This would echo their message or call across the entire continent of Iskaldhal and, if utilised with true intent, would imbue the user with great power. In addition, it could unleash a sonic attack unto their enemies or even call forth Bahamut's minions to aid them in battle.   However, the Divine War changed everything. As Bahamut withdrew from the Material Plane, his followers soon became unable to defend the artifact from the greed that swallowed the chromatic dragons. Worse still, the dwarves had begun to make progress in penetrating draconic defences as they began expanding their lands of Gildómar. To protect the Whisper, it had to be hidden. In an event known to those few scholars of Bahamut as the Astral Calamity, the Whisper was lost.   Its current whereabouts are unknown to mortals, but draconic activity has increased wherever the Whisper has even been spoken of. The few organisations and individuals not sworn to secrecy about it - and about Bahamut - suspect that a powerful and unkind dragon, potentially chromatic in variety, is currently in possession of this divine artifact.


Extreme cultural importance to all dragonkind.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Base Price

Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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