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Amulet of Mental Domination

Oh, my necklace? My dearest new boyfriend bought it for me ahead of our first date! Honestly, I don't know why I was so leery against going out with him... it's quite stunning, isn't it?
— Hapless victim
  Favoured by the Nivasi, one of Iskaldhal's Witch-Tribes, amulets of mental domination are but one way that the witches bring unsuspecting morsels close to them for their nefarious purposes. Their simple function is to claim the free will of the wearer and gift it to the one who clasped the necklace upon them in such a way that the wearer believes all suggestions come from them alone.   The spells involved are a rather clever combination of enchantment-based spells: the principles of both Charm and Dominate person are utilised to free a person of their will and dispense it to the one clasping the necklace. An imprinting function is included with a burst of further enchantment magic to ensure the proper keeper is listed when a necklace is clasped, whilst abjuration magics secure the identity of the one behind the dark item. More dangerous amulets are then twisted with necromantic magic to ensure the cursed necklace will continually attempt to control its wearer, often aided by spells that allow the amulet to appear to be another item entirely. Amulets of Natural Armour are common targets for mimicry due to the amount of adventurers willing to buy and wear them; being offered one for a steep discount is something few idiotic adventurers can resist.   Most worryingly, many amulets also bear an abjuration-based enchantment that disguises their true nature from any basic detection spell. If an amulet has been created by a more powerful witch, only powerful dispelling magics might reveal its true nature.  

Historical Use

Amulets of Mental Domination have historically been found involved in high-profile assassination crimes. Nations such as Gildómar are well-versed in checking suspicious crimes for the involvement of any Nivasi (or those who might have sought them out still, this has not been entirely successful. Due to the item's subtle methods of convincing its wearer that their thoughts were their own, many innocent people forced into criminal activity have been arrested or even killed for their confessions to crimes that were never their own fault.
Item type
Related Technologies
Available from the Nivasi - at their price.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Theoretically, any necklace (or other piece of jewellery) can be turned into an amulet of mental domination.
The typical design used by the Nivasi, however, is a simple metal chain with a clasped jewel attached. These have proven to be the most attractive to all genders and species, and are thus the most effective at achieving their goal.
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