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Duchy of Riverton

The Duchy of Riverton is a large duchy in the southwest of the Kingdom of Brisland, an economic hub of the Kingdom, and lies at the heart of the Kingdom's history. The capitol city of the Duchy, the city of Riverton, is a major trade and fishing hub. The Duchy also includes the cities of Dornsbury and Kallenston - the latter of which lies at the heart of the faith of the Temple of the Divines; in both a mythical and geographical sense. There are also five other major settlements that lie under the purview of the lord of Riverton.   Riverton is remarkable for being one of the few seats of power in Brisland to have been held by the same family since before the founding of the Kingdom itself. While Northampton has traded hands more times than many can recall and control of Halsingly remains a military appointment by the King, Riverton has been in the hands of the same family that once ruled over their own small Kingdom before the Unification.



The history of Riverton began with The Fisher's War in 331 I.R. The city of Estwich came to blows with the city of Riverton over disputed fishing waters. Malavia and Brisburgh soon joined in a conflict that lasted two years, ending in the Estwichan and Malavian forces withdrawing. The western allies returned again four years later as the Malavian Confederation, raiding villages and farmlands west of Riverton and attacking fishing vessels. Riverton petitioned again to Brisburgh for help, and the Malavian raiders withdrew before any major battles could be fought. Brisburgh and Riverton then officially formed The Riverton Alliance, joined by the towns of Dornsbury, Kallenston, and several smaller settlements in the region, in 338 I.R.

Fisher's War

As the Malavian Confederation turned their attentions to the west, the Riverton Alliance found itself negotiating an uneasy peace with a new power to the East. The King of Halsingly formed defensive alliances with the towns along the Verdant River in 342 I.R., stretching all the way to Hillsbury at the base of the Frostcap Mountains. Peace between this new Verdant Concordant and the Riverton alliance would last only four decades, and in 381 I.R. the Greenfields War began between the two unified powers.   This six-year conflict began when the king of Brisburgh made a public claim to all lands and settlements from Brisburgh east to within five leagues of the Verdant River. As the Riverton Alliance moved troops east to secure their newly proclaimed holdings, the Verdant Concordant mustered an impressive army which pushed back the overconfident Alliance forces. The Concordant won battle after battle; eventually taking land almost to the doorstep of Brisburgh itself. After the Razing of Hillsburgh, the Alliance sent the bulk of their army to reap retribution for this atrocity. After they were soundly defeated on the field, terms of surrender of the Alliance were negotiated. This redrew the borders between the Alliance and the Concordant to the very doorstep of Brisburgh, and an uneasy peace lasted only eight years. In the late fall of 395 I.R., a new King in Halsingly decided that his predecessor had failed to press the advantage. He marched troops upon the independent city of Gerald's Crossing, north of Brisburgh, claiming it for the Concordant. Neither the alliance nor the King in Northampton would accept this situation, and the two states retook Gerald's Crossing early in 396 I.R. This sparked the sixteen-year conflict known as The War of the Crossing, lasting from 396 I.R. to 412 I.R. The Alliance, united with Northampton, pushed all the way to Halsingly and conquered the lands of the Verdent river, officially ending the war in 412 I.R.   In 415 I.R., The leaders of the four kingdoms of the region met in council and agreed to unite under a single banner to ensure that no further blood would be shed over control of the fields and waters of the region. King Benalas Haverstaad II of Brisburgh was nominated to become the sovereign of the newly unified Kingdom of Brisland. Riverton became a Duchy and swore fealty to the king in Brisburgh, a relationship that stands strong to this day.

Demography and Population

The people of Riverton consist mostly of those of Rikenian descent, although there is some mix of old forest tribe blood which immigrated from Remaria over time. There is also some presence of the Bravani, though mostly in the villages west of Riverton and many of them are itinerant.


As Kallenston is part of the Duchy and also home to the Temple of the Divines, the faith of the Temple has a very large presence in the Duchy of Riverton. There are several monasteries of the Orders-Militant present in the Duchy - most notably the presence of the Order of the Golden Stag, which has a monastery within the city of Riverton itself.
Elias Bartledge
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Duchy of Riverton uses the official currency of the Kingdom of Brisland.
Legislative Body
Most laws are passed down to the Duchy by way of the laws of the Kingdom, but the Duke has leeway to legislate issues that are insular to the Duchy itself as long as they do not contradict the King's law.
Judicial Body
The execution of the law in the Duchy of Riverton is carried out by members of the peerage system: the Duke himself and his Earls and Barons. There are also magistrates appointed to oversee portions of the law in the larger cities such as Riverton itself. Frederick Bartledge, the Duke's son, also oversees all judicial matters in his role as Justicar of the Duchy.
Parent Organization
Kingdom of Brisland
Neighboring Nations

Important Characters

Elias Bartledge
Character | Jan 4, 2019

Elias Bartledge is the Duke of Riverton, in Brisland. He is among the oldest nobles in the kingdom, and a trusted confidant of King Francis Leopold III

Liege Lords

Brisburgh and Riverton have a long history of close relations and cooperation. As such, the sentiment of the citizens of the two duchies are favorable towards one another. The people of Duchy of Riverton generally look favorably upon the Leopold family.

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