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Republic of Malitika (gnomes and halflings)

Across the sea and far to the southwest of the main lands of the humans, elves and dwarves, there are two islands: Malitika and Malibukir. Malitika is the home of the gnomes, while Malibukir is tended by halflings.   The gnomes and halflings have a long history that is tied together, and there are a number of each on both islands. That said, things are not exactly equal. Malitika holds the political power. In particular, the gnomes from the southwest region known as the Rock Province hold the seat of power. This region, while not overly pretty compared to other areas, is known for inventions and development. They love to experiment and explore, and to spread their ideas. Their "idea spreading" has essentially led to the subjugation of the other subraces of gnomes, as well as the halflings on the island next door. However, it was never the intention to set up any sort of monarchy - certainly not! Rock gnomes held an ideal that rulers ought to be elected based on competency, rather than simply inheriting a position, so they have set up a republic. Any gnome or halfling in the kingdom can participate in electing the members of the ruling council - provided that they have graduated from a certified university, at any rate. Wouldn't want uneducated people with no knowledge of politics participating in votes!   Malitika is made up of three provinces. The Rock Province, located to the southwest, is known for fantastic buildings and inventions, and contains multiple different universities, particularly the famous Gnomish Institute of Magic, located in Pinaka (the capital city). To the north is the Forest Province. This is covered in lush forest, containing strange plants not seen elsewhere, including mushrooms and flowers the size of trees. Along the east is a mountainous region known as the Deep Province, populated by gnomes primarily focused on mining. Gnomes from the Deep Province provide resources used by those in the Rock Province to create new inventions. One institution has even been using magic and technology to create Warforged, a sort of robot-like creature, and there are thoughts that these may someday be able to take over the more dangerous jobs, such as mining.   Malibukir is a pretty, homey little island. The gnomes divided it into two different provinces, which they always make sure are ruled over by someone (usually well-educated gnomes). The Stout Province is located to the northwest, and takes up most of the island. It is relatively flat, and covered mainly by farmlands. The halflings in these parts tend to work very hard on their farms, but they also know how to relax and enjoy themselves as well. To the southeast, wrapping along the coast, is the Lightfoot Province. There are some hills, inhabited by somewhat more adventurous halflings - agriculture is still common, though hunting is popular here as well.

Geopolitical, Country

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