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Magic is a crucial part of this world due to the many magical mutations that have occured from the hippocampi to the Fervidus Empire. Your character can have any kind of magic anywhere. For example: your character doesn't have to be living or from the Fervidus Empire to have fire magic. They're freely able to have only one strain of magic and then earn another.   If you choose to have no magic for your character at the start, you can have them gain them at any point of time without needing to buy it. All we need is a thread confirmation of them experiencing it, learning it from someone, and having the drive to wanting to know it.   Those who have magic are referred to as magicae and have to use a set of magic energy to use it successfully. (Hoping to find a plugin for this magic energy to keep track or I will make a simple addition to the miniprofile/profiles.)   You can also get really really good with magic and get the attention of rulers no matter what sort of magic you have to promote and gift something to your character. Read more in the section further below about this.  

Magic Accuracy

The table showcases what you can expect when you battle. Since magic isn't like physical fighting, it's based on the magic level only.   Read from left to right.  
VS Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4
Lvl 1 50% 40% 30% 20%
Lvl 2 100% 50% 40% 30%
Lvl 3 100% 100% 50% 40%
Lvl 4 100% 100% 100% 50%

What kinds of Magic are allowed?

Any kind of magic is allowed now!  

How many levels are there?

There are only 4 levels.  

How much magic energy do we get?

You have up to 20 energy starting as a beginner. An attack costs 4 while defense costs 2. As you level up, you gain more and the attacks and defenses will cost even more. You also have the battle limit of 3 dodges and 2 partial dodges separately from magic.  

Magic Energy for Levels

  • Level 1: 20
  • Level 2: 40
  • Level 3: 80
  • Level 4: 100

What do we start with?

You start with level 1, only having two attacks and one defense with a weakness for three. You are freely able to customize what sort of magic you have.  

How do we level?

To level, you must be using the magic in any situation that is confirmed by having a complete thread consisting of 5 posts each total by you. Not all of these posts must have magic however, but it must be focused. If a thread is not complete by someone else, they will not gain experience but your character will.   A healer can heal someone and make sure that they're all right. A wind user can use the wind to try and blast someone. A fire user can try and see if they set a merchant's cart on fire. (Not nice! But can be done. This must be agreed to with proof.)   When starting, note the number of uses you have with Level, energy, and battle dodges that you have. Even with training.   Even if Person B didn't post the last post, you would still be able to gain experience but Person B will not unless they reply to it before confirming it.   You are also free to have others train a group or privately but must have the session completed. This will need at least 7 posts total by the trainer and your character.   When you are done, you must submit to the correct topic of "Magic Confirmation"  

How to get attention from Rulers?

When your character has partaken in a lot of activities, events, battles, or anything that catches their eye fitting their personality, they will send you a message to visit them so that you can be promoted with a rank.   At the start, only the King of the Isles will promote your character with either nobility, your own set of wings, or special kind of wings, matched with a title. They can also be a nobility if they weren't before or higher than they are now (Duke/Duchess are not able to), or a guard or one of his personal magic users able to live in the fancy place he calls home.    

How will this be moderated?

When first gaining magic, whether at registration or later on in time, weaknesses are required to keep it fair. Examples include: weaknesses when being used too much and select number of times magic can be used in one thread.  

What if I find any questionable use of magic?

Report the post/page and it will be looked over. At worst, the user will be asked to edit to fix anything or take it out completely. Threads will not be deleted.

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