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Mini equines that have faerie wings and are based on six elements. They live all around the world that Isles resides in. These faeries, while small, are not weak and can be a life saving companion for those who find themselves accident prone or want that extra boost in power.   To cross a faerie means that you will have bad luck and reputation goes fast in the faerie world!   Faeries can help in battles only when agreed to by all players OOCly.  

Types of Faeries

  • Dark Faeries - They like to live in caves and in large shadowy areas. They wield shadow magic and are the ones who curse others that harm or pick on their faerie brethren. Despite how "evil" they look, they're very honorable and loyal to their own kind and those they have formed a bond to.
  • Earth Faeries - Residing in forest areas and mostly in the second common sight in the Isles, they help fauna and floral grow by helping tend to them whether you ask them or not. Farmers and gardeners get along with them well and will often find themselves bonded to one quicker than the other occupations. Their powers consist of vines, rocks and speeded growing for plants.
  • Fire Faeries - Near hot springs and volcanoes - sometimes wildfires - and native to the Empire, these feisty faeries have your back in anything and up for any challenge. The more outgoing of the faeries and are quick to defend those they are bonded to. They do not wield lightning.
  • Light Faeries - They glow more than the rest, often a golden or white color, that can hurt some eyes if sensitive. They're the main healers and to find one is ultra-rare since they reside wherever they fancy that changes depending on their mood. Their powers consist of healing injuries but deeper injuries in the body won't be healed all the way. They also can take off curses.
  • Water Faeries - Residing in the ocean, these little faeries can have tails like the hippocampi and have special wings that can be in the water and air. They have the ability to make a sprinkle on land and defrost ice. They cannot make ice.
  • Wind Faeries - The most common in the Isles, these faeries like to fly and play tricks a lot more than the rest with their wind magic that can lead to trouble with other faeries or larger equines. They prefer equines with wings to be bonded to.

How to get a Faerie

  To get one depends on how often your character interacts with the faeries in a month to form a bond that is enough for them to trust you.  
  • If your actions were treating them kindly and offering help while taking their help, you will most likely earn the faerie.
  • If you treat them badly, you will most likely not be bonded and instead be cursed by a dark faerie immediately or later on due to your reputation depending on what kind of faerie you have interacted with.
  Those that are common, such as Earth, in the Isles will be granted automatically without a roll. Any other faerie will be rolled based on the percentage.   Those who do not have wings will face the 70% roll for Wind Faeries since they prefer equines with wings.   If your character's elements matches the faerie's, it gives an additional 10% chance.
Dark Faeries 50% chance
Earth Faeries 100% chance
Fire Faeries 80% chance
Light Faeries 20% chance
Water Faeries 50% chance
Wind Faeries 70% chance (non wings only)
  When you're ready to show proof, gather the thread's links and fill out the form in the correct maintenance thread so that a staff member can look over and roll a dice if needed before editing your character's account that you got the faerie or not.  

What if I fail?

  When you fail to try and get the faerie you wanted, you can gather items that they could like (bones for dark, feathers for wind to name several) that will up your chances by 10 or 20% depending on its size. All faeries love shiny things which can also up your chances by another 20%.   If you still fail after all of that, your character will just bond with a Earth Faerie automatically.

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